Production Supervisor CV Example

During the hiring process, hiring managers and employers are attracted to strong CVs that showcase a potential hire’s skills in a beneficial manner. If you are in the process of either putting together your curriculum vitae for the first time or updating a current one, this production supervisor CV example is designed to help you with the process. This way, you catch the attention of employers so they make the choice to call you in for an interview.

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George Harris

4567 E. Blueberry St., Boise, ID, 99999

T: 555-555-6666

E: georgeh@anymail

Professional Summary

I am a detail-oriented, focused production supervisor with over 15 years of industry-related experience. I have worked in many types of facilities, including a manufacturing plant, trailer factory, and a welding site over the years, and my experience has greatly fed my abilities as a friendly, professional supervisor. During any workday, I hone in on what needs to be done while ensuring that everyone under my direction knows what tasks they need to complete and that they abide by safety standards set forth by the company and the industry.

Work Experience
Production Supervisor
2010 to present

Oversaw the processes at a large manufacturing facility that produces steel parts for automobiles. Made sure that all orders were processed in a timely manner and that all parts were tested properly before being sent back out to the client. Oversaw a team of 10 other individuals and made sure that they remained safe and focused throughout the workday.

Manufacturing Manager
2005 – 2010

Oversaw a small team at a manufacturing plant that produced trailers for farms and other applications. Made sure that the final safety check of all trailers was performed in a timely manner and that client orders were fulfilled efficiently.

2005 – 2009

Worked on a variety of different projects at a welding site and used many different methods of welding to complete a wide range of projects. Met guidelines and timelines set forth by the site supervisors on a consistent basis and paid attention to detail on every project. Received several awards for my work during my time working in this position.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Management

Boise State University

Graduated with a GPA of 3.9

Idaho Certificate of Apprenticeship

Metal Fabrication


  • Excellent communication skills that ensure employees and other members of the supervisory staff are always heard.
  • Superior knowledge of workplace safety practices that relate to the manufacturing industry.
  • Ability to manage several projects at one time and ensure that all steps needed to create a successful end-product are adhered to.
  • Strong focus on always abiding by quality control practices and refining them as needed.
  • Exceptional knowledge of manufacturing equipment that ensures all parts remain in proper working order to prevent delays.
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy working on vehicles and restoring classic cars so that they are in pristine condition once again. Have an interest in car maintenance and regularly fix my own car and upgrade it. Am very passionate about working out and regularly go to the gym with members of my family. Whenever possible, work on home improvement projects and plan to renovate basement and add on an addition in the near future.

Tips for Writing Your Production Supervisor CV

Production Supervisor Overview

While writing your CV, you need to understand the exact requirements of the position you are applying for. As you can see in our production supervisor CV example, a production supervisor often has an immense amount of experience in the manufacturing field and has often worked in a variety of positions. You want to make sure that you highlight your knowledge of proper safety practices and your ability to manage teams efficiently and effectively so that project deadlines are met. You also want to make sure your CV shows that you are friendly and professional because working as a productive supervisor requires that you have strong interpersonal skills.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Production Supervisor CV

Our production supervisor CV example displays the skills and information you need to include to get noticed by hiring managers and ultimately to land an interview. As you put together your CV, make sure that you highlight your experience within the manufacturing field as well as any supervisory experience you have, especially if you have managed a group in the past. Your skills section should include managing, supervisory, safety, communication, and time management abilities. Additionally, you should include any certificates or awards you have received within the production industry so that potential employers recognize that you are a valuable candidate.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Now that you have reviewed our production supervisor CV example, here are some general tips that can help you write an impressive CV:

  • List your work experience in chronological order so that is appears that you are intentionally moving up from one position to another.
  • Your professional summary section should give employers a glimpse into your abilities while encouraging them to continue looking at the rest of your CV.
  • Although you will want to describe your interests in the hobbies section, you should avoid getting too personal and never include information about your political or religious views.
  • Do not use jargon or slang in your CV so that it appears as professional as possible.
  • Use a consistent font and take advantage of white space so that your CV is interesting and visually appealing.
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