Product Manager CV Example

To make the most of your search for a product manager job, you should focus on creating an effective CV. By showing employers the skills and abilities that you excel in, this concise document makes it easier to make a strong impression. One of the best ways to learn the standard expectations for your CV is to review examples. Along with the following set of writing tips, this product manager CV example will help you start writing your own CV.

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Judy Mince

7952 Washington Street, Seattle, Washington, 11111

T: 555-642-7931

E: jmince@anymail

Professional Summary

I am an organized and professional product manager who has extensive leadership and management experience. By designing and implementing strategic plans, I have successfully launched and marketed numerous products in the past, while organizing all departments to support the product’s success. By drawing on the experience gained in my career of more than 10 years, I can provide capable executive management over future products.

Work Experience
Product Manager
2012 to present

  • Manage all aspects of more than 15 products, ensuring that the marketing, sales, and manufacturing teams were all working together efficiently and following established launch plans.
  • Analyze projected profits and sales, making adjustments where possible to maximize the success and improve results by about 20 percent.

Program Manager
2009 to 2012

  • Tasked with designing and implementing corporate programs to establish work standards, improve cooperation and efficiency, and teach sales techniques.
  • Oversaw the completion of these programs to ensure success and coordinate future efforts.

Human Resources Manager
2006 to 2009

  • Performed interviews with potential hires, discovering what benefits they would offer if brought onboard, and was consulted on the final hiring decision.
  • Managed labor force to ensure productivity and cooperation.
  • Resolved issues between employees quickly and efficiently.
  • Made difficult decisions about which employees were performing below established thresholds and needed reevaluation.

Education and Training
Masters of Business Administration, 2009
Bachelor in Business, 2007

Seattle University


  • Identify, analyze, and evaluate all aspects of corporate operation
  • Leadership and management experience
  • Clear written and oral communication skills
  • Creation of strategic business strategies
  • Professional customer service
Hobbies and Interests

To stay active when I am not working, I enjoy running daily and playing soccer occasionally. Through reading magazines and market reports, I am able to stay up to date on all economic developments. I also enjoy travelling whenever I can make the time.

Tips for Writing Your Product Manager CV

Product Manager Overview

An important part of your CV is making it clear that you have a complete understanding of what your responsibilities would be if you were hired. The position of product manager is quite high in management, and the responsibilities also vary quite a bit. You should research the specific position in advance so you can make your CV more relevant, as well as include a large variety of duties, as you saw in this product manager CV example. Product managers act as the CEO of a product, making executive decisions about manufacturing, marketing, producing, and delivering to customers. They coordinate with or oversee multiple departments, so they must be knowledgeable in all aspects of business.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Product Manager CV

There are many skills that a product manager must have, and your CV needs to communicate that you have these proficiencies. You can include this information in every section, from the summary to your work experience. The most effective CVs find ways to incorporate the skills and knowledge that will be essential for the job into every sentence. Most importantly, you should showcase your business and economic knowledge. Secondly, make it clear that you hold strong communication, management, decision-making, and leadership skills. Finally, you can include aspects such as your attention to detail or results-driven approach. By following the model laid out in this product manager CV example, there should be no question that you are qualified to become a new product manager.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

This product manager CV example will give you a good idea of what to include when writing yours, but you should also understand the standard practices and formatting. Take a look at these writing tips for further guidance:

  • Focus primarily on your work experience section. Employers are very interested in your employment history, so the most information should be in this section.
  • Your summary should be four to six lines. It is intended to be a hook for catching the attention of readers, so include a variety of relevant details about you, from your skills to career information.
  • The experience section should begin with your current job, then move backwards through your career. Only a currently held position should be in present tense, while all others should be in past tense.
  • Including actual metrics is a good way to strengthen your CV and give employers a better idea of how successful you are.
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