Process Engineer CV Example

As you apply for a new job, it is extremely important that you stand apart from others who are applying for the same job and catch the attention of a future employer. One of the best ways to do this is to craft an attention-grabbing CV filled with important information that highlights your skills, experiences, and career highlights. Before putting together this document, sit down and review our process engineer CV example to get a better feel for what your own CV should include.

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Janie Brewer

4444 Plum St., Tucson, AZ 99999

T: 444-555-2222

E: jbrewer@anymail

Professional Summary

I am a results-oriented, communication-focused process engineer who has been in the chemical manufacturing industry for over 15 years. My extensive experience with process strategies as well as my impressive knowledge of the industry that allows me to adapt and edit new strategies as they become available. Throughout the course of my career, I’ve worked hard to establish relationships with professionals in other departments, such as maintenance, quality control, procurement, project engineering, and finance executives.

Work Experience
Senior Engineer Consultant
2011 to present

Increased plant stability and improved production output by eight percent by optimizing equipment performance and strategies for a large production plant. Figured out key process trends and translated the findings into recommendations that were actionable for many separate departments. Worked closely with quality control and operations teammates to determine where improvements could be made and to execute production improvement projects.

Process Engineer
2006 – 2011

Used extensive knowledge of chemical production processes to develop new engineering reconfigurations and oversee the day-to-day operations of a midsized plant. Regularly corresponded with clients in the U.S., South Korea, India, and Japan to determine overall satisfaction and identify where improvements could be made. Drove millions of dollars in cost savings by identifying process improvements designed to benefit the entire organization.

Assembly Engineer
2001 – 2006

Oversaw a small team of engineering technicians to follow through with manufacturing projects designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a chemical production site. Put together detailed reports on the outcomes of different initiatives and gave regular presentations to supervisors and project heads on measurable progress and deficits.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

Graduated at the top of my class

Internship as Assistant Engineer for Production

Resolute Chemicals Inc.


  • Highly skilled with process re-engineering, including knowing how to refine processes for maximum benefit and cost-savings
  • Exceedingly familiar with project management best practices to ensure seamless project completion from start to finish.
  • Unparalleled understanding of process simulation tools that enable a thorough ability to identify areas for improvement.
  • Exceptional communication skills that help all members of a process team remain informed and aware of their individual duties.
  • Detail-oriented that allows for all process methods to be accounted for.
Hobbies and Interests

Thoroughly enjoy quilting and show off quilts at local craft shows on a regular basis. Enjoy gardening and selling extra produce at the farmer’s market during the summer season. Dedicated to helping children and spend several hours a week helping elementary schools refine their literacy skills at a local YMCA.

Tips for Writing Your Process Engineer CV

Process Engineer Overview

From our process engineer CV example, you can see that a sought-after process engineer needs to have a variety of skills and knowledge relating to the production industry, whether it be chemical or mechanical. Process engineers often take on a multitude of responsibilities, from managing a small team to identifying areas where cost savings can be achieved. As such, you want to make sure you illustrate you have experience in many different areas and that you can handle the varying responsibilities many process engineers are required to handle. You are often an integral part of an organization’s ability to cut costs and ensure productivity, so you should make sure future employers can glean these abilities from your CV.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Process Engineer CV

Our process engineer CV example includes many of the skills you need to get noticed by hiring managers and HR officers during the application process. When you put together your professional summary, give a brief overview of your best abilities while ensuring your versatility in the production engineering field is evident. The skills section of your CV should include evidence that you have good communication, project management, and analysis skills. You should also show you are able to work professionally with a team to meet project deadlines while meeting all specifications. Additionally, remember to include any professional awards, achievements, or certificates you have received throughout your career.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Although this process engineer CV example is specific to process engineering, there are many beneficial tips for writing your CV you should use, such as:

  • Make sure you include details about your accomplishments both during the course of your career and as you were receiving an education.
  • Before writing the skills section of your CV, make a list of skills you possess and put them in order from most to least relevant.
  • To catch any embarrassing grammatical errors or typos, be sure to read over your CV at least two times before submitting it.
  • Use strong action verbs as you list your skills, accomplishments and work experiences.
  • Use your personal statement as an opportunity to reveal more about who you are and what skills you possess so that you can grab the attention of hiring managers.
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