Physical Therapist CV Example

Resumes and CVs are often the first thing a hiring manager sees when considering an applicant for a job. Lackluster CVs can cause the applicants to be dismissed right away, while well-crafted ones help you land an interview. Just like with a resume, a CV doesn’t have to be scary. When you know what to include and where to include it, the process is relatively simple. Our physical therapist CV example provides a great “cheat sheet” for how to structure your own, and our tips help you take it up a notch to land the job you want.

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Jessica Smith

978 Redondo Drive, Berkeley, California 11111

T: 555-233-4672

E: jessicasmith@anymail

Professional Summary

I have worked as a physical therapist for the past four years for one of the leading healthcare companies in the industry. I have a wealth of experience helping patients rehabilitate after surgery and injury, as well as helping those with long-term health complications. I am well-versed in human anatomy and biology, and my patients know they can come to me with any questions and receive detailed answers. I am also very personable, which helps put my patients at ease. My passion for physical therapy stems from a longstanding interest in how the body works and in helping people understand how to use theirs to the best of their ability.

Work Experience
Physical Therapist
2002 – 2004

  • Assisted post-operative patients in regaining mobility.
  • Created structured programs for each individual patient, making changes as needed.
  • Recorded patient prognosis and progress with up-to-date records.
  • Participated in ongoing training through company.
  • Effectively showed patients how to use various equipment, such as balance beams and balance boards.

Physical Therapist

  • Worked with geriatric patients who had undergone hip surgery and other age-related complications.
  • Provided detailed programs for each patient.
  • Adjusted therapy for individual patients to meet age-related mobility concerns.
  • Kept abreast of geriatric physical therapy care through ongoing education at conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Provided thoughtful, respectful care to this unique demographic.

Education and Training
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Braden University
Tucson, Arizona

Clinical Residency

Copper Hospital
Tucson, Arizona


  • Member of American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS)
  • Friendly, personal demeanor
  • Thorough knowledge of human anatomy
  • Participate in ongoing education
  • Specialties in geriatric rehabilitation and post-op rehabilitation
  • Adept in MediGraph, Excel and Clinicient Insight
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy playing soccer on weekends on a community team. Active in children’s afterschool programs. Participate in marathons and walks for hunger. Frequently attend “Paint Nite” events.

Tips for Writing Your Physical Therapist CV

Physical Therapist Overview

As noted in the physical therapist CV example, physical therapists have specific job duties that should be referenced on a CV. Physical therapists are responsible for overseeing the rehabilitative care of patients. These rehabilitative efforts often include increasing mobility, increasing strength and relieving pain. The efforts are also often aimed at treating patients who have experienced an injury or disease that has caused disability. Physical therapists assess patients, perform initial evaluations and provide tailored treatment programs. The therapists must have a strong combination of medical knowledge and personable skills. Physical therapists must often use both patient self-reports and physical clues to determine the patient’s condition and subsequent treatment regimen.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Physical Therapist CV

Those applying for physical therapy positions should ensure that their CV clearly shows evidence of their skillset and knowledge. It is important to include information that demonstrates your medical knowledge, including symptoms and preventive healthcare. You should also make sure your CV mentions strength in psychology, which is necessary in order to understand human behavior, motivation and personality. To be a successful physical therapist, you will want to have active listening skills and strong critical thinking skills. You also need to be able to monitor performance, including your own, your patients’ and that of the organization you work for. The physical therapist CV example shows you easy ways to include this type of information in order to catch the attention of the hiring committee.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Along with the physical therapist CV example, the following tips can help you format your CV in the best way possible.

  • Make sure your contact information is up-to-date and free of errors. A hiring manager’s inability to reach you can become a lost opportunity.
  • Only use relevant and professional credentials after your name. These include RN, PMP, MSW and BSN.
  • In your professional summary, write “years’ experience” or “years of experience,” as opposed to “years experience.”
  • It is okay to use fragmented sentences in your CV, aside from in the personal summary.
  • Use bullet points to help break up the text; this makes it easier for the reader to scan for relevant information.
  • Don’t include jobs that are over 10 years old, unless you lack recent job experience. In that case, include the information without dates or details.
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