Office Manager CV Example

Getting the attention of hiring managers is more difficult than ever, due to the amount of applications they must weed through for each job. Having a stellar curriculum vitae (CV) is imperative for standing out from the crowd. Our office manager CV example, as well as our tips and resources, can take your CV from good to great. We include important categories like Work History, Awards, and Education, so you’ll be sure not to miss anything.

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John Jones

1234 Spring Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 11111

T: 555-349-3362


Professional Summary

I am a proficient and professional office manager with five years of experience in a corporate setting. I have supervised staff through coordinating support services and directing those in my department. I am highly detail oriented when it comes to compiling and overseeing operational reports. My desire for accuracy and attention to detail has helped my department maintain a stellar reputation. In addition to my administrative skills, I am also highly personable and treat each employee as a valuable part of the team. I lead through encouragement, motivation and a belief that everyone possesses an important quality necessary for the strength of the company as a whole.

Work Experience
Office Manager
2013 to present

Oversee 15 employees in the department and set deadlines and goals for the team. Prepare budgets and acquire and distribute supplies. Analyze procedures and policies and make adjustments as needed in order to keep department running smoothly. Hire personnel and facilitate quarterly and yearly reviews of each team member. Lead training sessions and implement new policies. Attend corporate meetings to stay up to date on business practices for the organization.

Office Supervisor
2011 to 2013

Supervised administrative employees regarding proper procedures, deadlines, and workflow. Guided employees through challenging problems and helped them troubleshoot difficulties as they arose. Reviewed reports for payroll, evaluated employee performance, and monitored employees’ work-related activities. Assisted manager in hiring process and approached manager with any concerns. Bolstered employees’ morale through departmental programs aimed at listening to and learning from all members of the team.

Office Assistant

Answered telephone calls, sorted mail, and operated office machines. Kept filing up to date, both hard copy and on the computer. Performed 10-key and other data entry, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Worked within a team of three to deliver streamlined service to the rest of the department. Answered any departmental concerns and made changes as necessary. Prepared correspondence for other departments and customers through transcribing memos and letters.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Business

University of Washington

Graduated Cum Laude

Certificate in Business


  • Excellent speaking skills to communicate with employees and customers in a clear manner.
  • Thorough time management skills in order to ensure projects and day-to-day operations are completed on schedule.
  • Active listener to ensure others are heard, understood and appreciated.
  • Strong reading comprehension for thoroughly understanding complex work materials and documents.
  • Astute problem solving skills for addressing complications as they arise.
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy golfing on weekends and actively work at improving my score. Am passionate about spending quality time with my family, including biking, traveling and participating in my children’s activities. Give back to my community through volunteering at music and arts festivals for the public.

Tips for Writing Your Office Manager CV

Office Manager Overview

As evidenced in our office manager CV example, you will want to pepper your CV with a lot of details about your job. Office managers need to be able to know how to manage people effectively, including having the right balance between firmness and friendliness. In addition to being able to manage people, an office manager needs to think outside the box in order to manage the nuts and bolts of the department. This job requires strong attention to detail, an orderly personality, and the ability to make adjustments as needed. As you create your office manager CV, you will want to keep these characteristics in mind and make sure they are reflected in your document.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Office Manager CV

The skills and knowledge section of your CV is your opportunity to hone in on the qualities that make you an effective office manager. While you might list some of these qualities in your summary as well, as you can see in the office manager CV example, providing this information in a separate section really makes it stand out. In addition to personality traits, you can include any professional accolades or awards. For example, maybe your company had its top sales figures during your employment period, or maybe you initiated a new procedure. Try to make this section as specific as possible to show the hiring manager what exactly you would bring to the company.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

In addition to the office manager CV example, these tips can help you polish your CV:

  • Don’t use third person when describing your duties. For example, write “Analyze documents” instead of “Analyzes documents.”
  • Avoid stating anything political, spiritual, or controversial. Unless you’re applying for a very niche position, such as at a religious institution or a political office, you will want to steer clear of anything that may alienate you from your reader.
  • Don’t list your GPA in your CV unless you are a recent graduate. Regardless of your graduation date, you can list academic distinctions, such as summa cum laude.
  • Start with your most recent job and work your way back. Hiring managers want to know what type of position you had most recently. This also works in your favor, as most workers get increasingly competitive positions over time.
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