Office Assistant CV Example

There’s no great secret to landing the job of your dreams; you simply need to have the right skill set and resources. With the office assistant CV example included here, you can easily create such a resource. Your curriculum vitae serves to highlight your professional skills and experience, as well as to convey enough of your personality to allow prospective employers to get an idea of how you might fit into their respective work cultures. This writing guide will help you to put together a document that will convey all these points without including too much information.

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Jennifer Jensen

1000 Grand Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 11111

T: 555-555-1111

E: jjensen45@myemail

Professional Summary

I have close to 10 years of experience working in office and clerical settings. Through the various positions I’ve worked, I’ve been able to develop strong customer service, excellent communication skills and a talent for multitasking. I know what it’s like to work as a member of a team that shares a collective goal, and how to fulfill my own individual role within such a group. I have a great eye for detail, am a self-starter, and know how to maximize my time. I’m also familiar with the function of office equipment and troubleshooting such items when problems occur. I’m well-versed in the use of data recall, processing and organization programs, along with database creation and management tools.

Work Experience
Administrative Assistant
2013 – 2016

Worked alongside the chief financial officer of local environmental services provider. Handled administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling, meeting preparation, contact list management, and report compiling. Helped develop new office protocols that contributed to 25 percent reduction in wasted materials.

Workgroup Coordinator
2009 – 2013

Member of central office staff for regional sales team. Coordinated travel schedules for a group of fifteen sales representatives, arranging lodging and transportation as well as resource allocation. Maintained database that tracked expenses, sales figures and client leads.

Front Desk Receptionist
2006 – 2009

Greeted and granted access to employees as well as visiting professionals and clients. Fielded calls from prospective customers looking to make appointments or needing technical assistance. Part of frontline employee team that trialed and implemented new security screening system in 2008 that reduced visitor processing times by 30 percent.

Education and Training
Associate of Arts

Southeastern A&M University

Studied computer science, business management, accounting and psychology.

Certified Microsoft Office Professional

Microsoft Technical Certification College

Passed certification training in top 15 percent of examinees nationally. Continuing education opportunities have helped bolster knowledge in the effective use of data processing, spreadsheet and database management programs.


  • Expert-level knowledge of information management programs
  • Comfortable coordinating multiple tasks and responsibilities
  • Understand office resource and supply needs
  • Able to communicate well both electronically and verbally
  • Good listener
Hobbies and Interests

Movie fanatic who contributes freelance reviews to online blogs. Collector of vintage vinyl albums of classic rock and rhythm-&-blues bands. Enjoy hiking, skiing and mountain climbing.

Tips for Writing Your Office Assistant CV

Office Assistant Overview

Office assistants are typically tasked with ensuring the office environment is one that’s conducive to an effective workflow. Thus, they handle many facility and resource management jobs, including dealing with landlords, securing and maintaining office supplies and equipment and handling utility concerns as well as costs. They also serve as the central point of contact with customers and vendors, greeting such parties as they call or enter an office. They may coordinate clerical responsibilities with other members of the office staff, filing important paperwork and handling incoming and outgoing mail. When the need for meetings arises, they are often tasked with securing a location and preparing handouts and presentations. These and other functions are important things to know as you consult the office assistant CV example included here, as they may dictate what information you choose to include.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Office Assistant CV

As you can see in the office assistant CV example, you want to try to present your skill set in a way that matches those of position you seek. Therefore, it helps to understand what attributes prospective employers may look for. Office assistants are required to oversee several administrative jobs, so the ability to effectively multi-task is a must. So too is being able to manage time effectively, as placing too much emphasis on a single task can have a negative effect on other aspects of the office environment. One also must be able to listen and comprehend information well and be able to effectively communicate with other parties.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Much like the job of office assistant, the ultimate purpose of a CV is to accomplish multiple aims. You want to present yourself as a professional yet not come off so cold and robotic as to imply you may lack personality. Following the office assistant CV example provided is sure to help achieve your goal of creating an effective document. Remember to also look to optimize your information where you can by considering the following tips:

  • Avoid using linking or passive verbs when describing your work experience. Stick to action words that get to the point of what you want to convey.
  • When listing bullet points, try not to exceed five bullets per topic.
  • List quantifiable metrics when detailing your employment history wherever possible as this gives the reader context to your accomplishments.
  • Don’t list your high school information in your educational experience unless specifically asked to do so in the job listing.
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