Nurse CV Example

In today’s crazy job market, you need to quickly capture a hiring manager’s attention with a well-written CV. Your CV can be made more effective and up to the task if you follow some helpful guidelines from the nurse CV example below. See how the sample makes a candidate stand out with an attention-grabbing professional statement, a strong work history, a detailed education section, a compelling list of skills and an overview of your important interests and hobbies.

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Leah Brown

6700 Oak Drive Raleigh, NC 11111

T: 555-954-8839

E: leahbrown@anymail

Professional Summary

Caring registered nurse with a commitment to delivering top service and health care to patients for the past 18 years. A deep level of understanding of pharmacology and administering medicines to patients. Supportive and helpful to family members and other providers for a teamwork approach to wellness. Dedication to promoting healthy practices and educating patients about lifestyle choices. Empathetic listener to patients and family members when they have questions or concerns.

Work Experience
January 2012 – present

  • Keep accurate records using a computerized database system for all patient interactions, treatments and office or hospital visits.
  • Deliver drug treatment to patients according to orders from the physician, and monitor patient pain levels and potential side effects or reactions.
  • Evaluate patient condition during the course of treatment in the hospital every two hours by recording symptoms, conducting physical exams or asking questions.

May 2009 – January 2012

  • Assessed patient vital signs every three hours by taking blood pressure, oral temperature and measuring pain levels when appropriate.
  • Partnered with additional members of a medical team of physicians and case managers to deliver a high standard of care.
  • Updated patient care records to include drug treatments, physical condition and symptoms during each visit with a patient.

April 2005 – May 2009

  • Educated patients and caregivers about the importance of daily exercise and a nutritious diet by going over community health care pamphlets at the conclusion of each visit.
  • Readied patients for specific medical treatments by placing them into position and assisting the doctor when needed.
  • Adjusted a patient’s treatment when results or relief weren’t ideal, depending on the severity of the condition and the recommendation of the physician.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Internship in Nursing

University of North Carolina Medical Center


  • Strong attention to detail to help avoid making mistakes in drug administering and patient record keeping
  • Excellent speaking and listening skills, which helps make families and patients feel more at ease when in my care
  • Experience in a fast-paced emergency center, giving me a wide variety of skills in highly stressful situations
  • Ability to problem solve and make tough decisions, which can improve patient outcomes
  • Commitment to teamwork when working with a group of medical professionals all trying to achieve the same goal
Hobbies and Interests

Sunday school teacher at my local church. I provide enriching lessons to young preschoolers about the values of the Catholic Church. Enjoy painting in my spare time. I like to work on oil paintings of landscapes from life. Book club member. I participate in my local women’s book club so I can find new titles to read and discuss some of the plot points.

Tips for Writing Your Nurse CV

Nurse Overview

As you can see from the nurse CV example, a nurse’s job entails many different tasks and understandings. While nurses work in a variety of health care settings, they must all demonstrate an ability to think quickly and make good decisions. Each day, nurses work with the general public and make important decisions about treating potential life-threatening conditions. Nurses also complete the routine tasks of patient care in hospitals and doctor’s offices, such as checking on a patient’s condition, monitoring a drug treatment and reviewing and updating the patient file. Nurses must also be great communicators as they often interact with patients and family members, and may even provide advice and comfort.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Nurse CV

When hiring managers look for potential nurses to hire, they want to see how your skills and knowledge are detailed in your CV. With the nurse CV example, you can get an idea of some of the most valued competencies that employers may be looking for in a candidate. Your work history section is a great place to demonstrate your expertise with patient care, drug administering and collaboration with the medical team. Your work history should have a variety of experiences that show off your attention to detail and your ability to handle routine tasks in a nurse’s day. Your education and skills section of your CV can additionally address your suitability for this type of work. Employers may also be looking for caring and compassionate individuals for the job, so be sure to explain your abilities in this realm as well.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

When you have found the perfect job posting, be sure to access the nurse CV example to help your own CV shine. Here are other ways you can get your CV in top condition:

  • Choose a format that is easy to read and professional looking for your CV, and use a standard-sized font and black text on white paper.
  • If you recently graduated, keep your CV length to about one page. As you gain more experience, your CV can get a little longer.
  • Be careful about the email address you use. It should sound professional, but it should not be your current work email.
  • Take plenty of time and care to compose your professional summary so your CV can quickly capture a hiring manager’s attention.
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