Network Engineer CV Example

Writing a CV, also known as curriculum vitae, can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with the conventions of the form and expectations of a potential employer. Though there is no single right way to draft one, consulting a resource such as our network engineer CV example can help you get started and get a better idea of how to write your CV. For additional help, the CV writing tips below will offer some more specific guidance, too. Consulting both of these resources is the first step toward drafting a CV that’s likely to get the attention it deserves.

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Michael Anderson

1232 Ohio Dr., Millville, IL 11111

T: 555-234-6543

E: manderson@anymail

Professional Summary

Network engineer with extensive experience in building, managing and troubleshooting IT systems for clients of various sizes and necessities. Skills include the ability to manage all aspects of the client’s server and to work with colleagues to improve the efficiency of internal IT systems. My experience working in different capacities of network management has developed my skills and honed my attention to detail, ability to multi-task and dedication to effectiveness. I understand what a vital role the network engineer of any company plays, and I am committed to exceeding all standards in my performance.

Work Experience
Network Engineer
July 2012 - Present

  • Communicate with clients and internal contacts to improve efficacy of the server and its networks.
  • Implement software and hardware that facilitates access to network and improves client experience.
  • Switch and route servers as needed to troubleshoot and maintain satisfactory level of service.

Lead IT Supervisor
May 2009 - July 2012

  • Developed protocol for downtime, accessibility issues and other common concerns faced by the company and IT department.
  • Lead IT initiatives to improve network accessibility, minimized downtime and implemented solutions to common issues.
  • Supervised all team members working on IT system, and provided training and corrective action whenever necessary

Network Administrator
April 2007 - May 2009

  • Managed, maintained all major circuits and infrastructures that service the network, and performed troubleshooting as necessary.
  • Maintained log of all support issues, interactions with clients and resolutions to problems that have been brought up.

Education and Training
Certified Network Engineer
Since 2007

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

University of Pennsylvania

Master of Science in Network Technology -2008

University of Pennsylvania


  • Advanced knowledge of IT protocols
  • Ability to oversee server functionality
  • Flexibility to work on a team or alone
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills
Hobbies and Interests

  • Teach online courses in IT skills for people who are considering a career in the field and developing basic skills.
  • Take classes at alma mater to continue education and develop knowledge of different programming languages.
  • Assist local job seekers with finding a career path and polishing their resume for job interviews.

Tips for Writing Your Network Engineer CV

Network Engineer Overview

The information contained in this network engineer CV example demonstrates that its subject possesses the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to take on a network engineer position. If you want to do the same, you will need to show that you are capable of performing tasks such as managing servers, installing software and hardware, and troubleshooting any problems that may arise. Your CV is the place to convey this information, so do not hesitate to outline your knowledge of IT management, network technology and client issue resolution. Doing so is the best way to get the attention of potential employers and show them that you are right for the job.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Network Engineer CV

There are many skills and abilities that are essential to the network engineer position and thus important to include in your CV. You will see in the network engineer CV example that the professional summary is used to capture the attention of the reader and mention any special qualifications or awards. Elaboration on these items can be contained in the skills or awards sections of the CV, where you should also expound upon the abilities you have that are relevant to the position. All of this should be substantiated by a brief work history that includes the most recent and relevant jobs that you have held.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

You can glean many important tips from the network engineer CV example above, but if you’d like some more guidance, these pointers are also useful:

  • Use varied word choices so that your CV is never dull to read and potential employers get a sense of your communication skills.
  • Avoid being too vague when you have an opportunity to be specific about your skills or experience.
  • Provide examples whenever possible, especially if you are referencing a skill or ability that you have.
  • Avoid getting too personal in your personal interests and hobbies section, but do include relevant activities that reinforce your qualifications.
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