Mechanic CV Example

In order to get access to the best jobs in the industry, it’s important to be able to put your skills and talents into writing in the form of a quality CV. This is the main source of information that recruiting managers use to evaluate a potential job applicant’s suitability. For those seeking helpful samples, here is a mechanic CV example and writing guideline to help you through the steps of putting together a CV that will get the employer to notice your abilities.

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Luke Daniels

8745 Landing Road, Elkridge, MD 11111

T: 555-313-2199

E: lukedaniels@anymail

Professional Summary

Hardworking and highly skilled mechanic with a history of quality work in the automotive industry for the past 15 years. Commitment to following the standards of the dealer and the manufacturer when completing repair or maintenance work. Strong capability of diagnosing complex problems and proposing viable and affordable solutions. Dedication to providing excellent customer service when communicating with clients about their vehicles.

Work Experience
March 2010 – present

  • Complete recommended maintenance service for customers’ vehicles, including oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks and tune-ups.
  • Discuss vehicle problems with customers and recommend possible solutions with a detailed breakdown of the steps and costs of parts and labor.
  • Run vehicle diagnostic tests using computerized systems on engine performance, brake reliability and other operational components.

August 2007 – March 2010

  • Reviewed customer feedback about a vehicle and examined specific systems to determine the cause of a malfunction in operation.
  • Achieved a perfect customer satisfaction score on surveys given to drivers as they left the repair facility about the quality of their interaction with a staff member.
  • Ensured the work area was kept tidy by removing debris and unused supplies and cleaning up spills promptly.

January 2001 – August 2007

  • Fixed customer air conditioning systems and replaced various parts of faulty electrical systems in a customer’s vehicle.
  • Installed new parts for vehicles getting major repair work done, including new engines, transmissions, brakes and other essentials.
  • Adhered to company standards when completing repairs or installations by reviewing a detailed checklist of typical parts and systems to check before releasing the finished vehicle repair to the customer.

Education and Training
Rebuilder Specialist Certification

Automotive Transmission Rebuilders Association

Master Engine Machinist Certification

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence

Auto Technician Certification

Lincoln College of Technology
Columbia, Maryland


  • Outstanding depth of mechanical knowledge and understanding of automotive systems and parts
  • Strong skills in using diagnostic computer technology in vehicle repair and maintenance work
  • Commitment to delivering excellent customer service and helping people understand the complexities of their vehicles
  • Proven critical thinking skills and an ability to solve difficult problems and come up with unique approaches to make a fix or improve a situation.
  • Solid comprehension of quality control and the process of ensuring parts and repair work are up to the standard of the manufacturer and customer
Hobbies and Interests

Amateur race car driver. I spend time racing rally cars on a local racetrack. I also enjoy putting together rally cars from build kits and making enhancements to the vehicle’s look and performance. Baltimore Orioles fan. I regularly attend baseball games for my favorite baseball team. Interest in karate. I have earned a black belt in karate and continue to practice the martial arts in my spare time.

Tips for Writing Your Mechanic CV

Mechanic Overview

During a typical mechanic’s day, he or she is generally focused on performing tasks to help keep vehicles running well. In the mechanic CV example, you can see the specifics about what this job entails. Mechanics may be working on making repairs to vehicles if there is a problem, or they may be performing the regularly scheduled maintenance tasks. Mechanics may also work on installing components of vehicles, such as engines, spark plugs, transmissions and brake parts. In today’s modern automotive shop or dealership, computers are being used more often in a mechanic’s line of work. During the course of repair or maintenance work, mechanics must also discuss the work with the customer and explain the nature of the job.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Mechanic CV

With the mechanic CV example, you have a rich resource of potential ideas for your own job application. Hiring managers in the automotive industry may be recruiting individuals based on a specific set of skills and knowledge. One skill that is important is mechanical ability. In your CV, you can show evidence of this ability with certifications in various aspects of automotive repair or with the completion of a mechanic training program. Mechanics must also have some experience interacting with customers, so list your customer service skills in your work history. Finally, skilled mechanics should have some experience with computer diagnostic technology in order to increase the likelihood of getting hired.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

The key to getting your CV ready to be submitted to your next employer is to include plenty of great details. You can find plenty of suggestions to consider in the mechanic CV example and in the following tips:

  • Include some of your most impressive skills by giving details about important job attributes you have in your professional summary.
  • Make sure your work history is loaded with specific examples of how you individually contributed to your past organizations.
  • Use numbers or quantifiable metrics to insert additional details into your work history section.
  • Provide a list of individual certifications and training programs you have completed in your education section.
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