Manufacturing Engineer CV Example

Hiring situations in the current job market can be even more competitive than in years past. One way to give your chances of getting a great job a big boost is to develop a stellar CV that gets the right person’s attention. If you’re unsure of how to start, look at the manufacturing engineer CV example below for some optimal tips. Here you can see how to make each part of your CV, such as the work experience, education, skills, hobbies and interests, stronger and a better representation of your talents.

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Max Voight

776 Schoolhouse Road, Fairbanks, AK 11111

T: 555-965-4611


Professional Summary

Innovative and knowledgeable manufacturing engineer with a history of success for the past 17 years in the industry. Highly skilled in using computer-assisted technology to design and develop new processes. Notable talent in creating new methods of manufacturing that reduce costs and improve product quality. Solid understanding of the manufacturing business sector’s needs and challenges in the 21st century and beyond. Experience in a variety of manufacturing processes and with many of the most common technologies and innovations.

Work Experience
Manufacturing Engineer
March 2011 – present

  • Redesigned an assembly process using computer-assisted technology to help improve product quality, resulting in a 25 percent reduction in consumer returns.
  • Engineered a new and unique manufacturing process with customized pieces of equipment for a new product line.
  • Oversaw a team of 12 engineers and other staff in the production and manufacturing design of a series of existing products.

Manufacturing Engineer
November 2007 – March 2011

  • Investigated and reconciled problems in the manufacturing process when a large number of customer returns occurred in a short period of time.
  • Launched a new manufacturing layout with reconfigured machinery for an existing product line that improved production speed by six percent.
  • Developed a series of training manuals for staff to follow when new machinery or production processes were implemented.

Manufacturing Engineer
September 1999 – November 2007

  • Assessed prototypes of new or improved product lines to determine best methods of achieving cost-effective mass production.
  • Identified project cost estimates and calculated additional budgetary necessities for new product line production.
  • Pioneered more sustainable and energy-efficient production methods that led to a reduction in resource usage by 10 percent.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Alaska Pacific University
Anchorage, Alaska

Certified Manufacturing Engineer

Society for Manufacturing Engineers


  • Excellent understanding of mechanical processes, tools and other aspects of machine usage and repair.
  • Highly skilled in mathematics and applying subjects like arithmetic, calculus, geometry and other statistical information into my work.
  • Comprehension of advanced design techniques and principles for optimal results when considering product and manufacturing designs.
  • Strong listening skills, which helps me work better to diagnose and solve complicated problems in manufacturing.
  • Outstanding reading comprehension ability when reviewing highly technical materials and manuals about machinery.
Hobbies and Interests

Active road biker. On weekends and some afternoons after work, I ride my bike across the city for fitness and enjoyment. Electric guitarist. I am the guitarist in a local blues band that performs in different parts of the region. Trivia team member. Every Wednesday, my friends and I participate in a team trivia contest at a neighborhood restaurant.

Tips for Writing Your Manufacturing Engineer CV

Manufacturing Engineer Overview

Manufacturing engineers have a long list of potential responsibilities that are part of their typical workday. Depending on the type of industry you plan to work in and the machinery used, you can customize some of the information in the manufacturing engineer CV example. For most manufacturing engineers, their primary job is to improve the design and workflow of manufacturing machinery during the production process of a product. In a given day, they may do this through analysis, testing, quality control, consultation and design of new procedures or tools. Your CV should focus on the specific industry and scope of work you have experience within this field.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Manufacturing Engineer CV

The typical employer searching for a new manufacturing engineer may have a set of skills and knowledge competencies he or she is looking for in a job applicant. Looking through the manufacturing engineer CV example, you can get a sense of some of the more popular items you should include in your CV for this type of position. First, demonstrate your mechanical or technical ability by addressing these topics at some point in your CV. Your knowledge of mathematics is also essential to do well in this field, so make sure your CV includes such details. Listening skills are another vital item to include in your description of your top talents. Finally, be sure to discuss some of your specific achievements that have helped your former employers improve their production capabilities.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Getting your preferred employer’s attention with a well-written CV can certainly happen if you utilize the key points of the manufacturing engineer CV example. It’s also important to follow some additional general CV guidelines, such as:

  • Remember to keep your CV within specific length requirements depending on your level of experience, such as one page for new graduates or two pages for mid-level professionals.
  • Make your professional summary section vibrant and compelling to give the hiring manager a reason to want to know more about you as a job candidate.
  • Don’t include information about why you decided to leave your former jobs. Instead, stick with the basic information.
  • List your former employers, but don’t include irrelevant positions or jobs you held more than 10 years ago.
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