Maintenance Technician CV Example

When you are on the job market as a maintenance technician, your skills and past experience are a big part of what attracts employers to you as a candidate. That means you need to have a CV that effectively communicates both of those things, as well as your education and other certifications. Checking out the maintenance technician CV example below and the tips with it will give you some ideas you can use to polish up your own CV.

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Tom Riley

123 Ab Ct., Anytown, MO, 11111

T: 555-123-4567

E: TRiley@anymail

Professional Summary

I have been a maintenance technician in various workplaces for five years now, working in metal fabrication and aluminum anodizing. During that time, my duties have included heavy equipment maintenance, welding, rewiring and electrical, and even some consulting on the equipment operation and maintenance side of the chemical processes used in anodization. I have also served as a team leader for a maintenance team of five. Currently, I am seeking opportunities that will build upon that experience with supervisory opportunities.

Work Experience
Maintenance Technician
2011 to Present

Responsibilities involved repair and maintenance, including preventative service, on all machines related to the fabrication and anodization of aluminum parts. That included both the chemical treatment apparatus and individual drills, punches, and deburring machines used in the pre- and post-anodization fabrication of parts.

Maintenance Apprentice
2009 to 2011

Worked alongside a team leader to master the various elements of maintenance and repair, including electrical work, plumbing, and basic mechanical aptitude. Serviced a variety of stand-alone single-operator machines, and took responsibility for the transportation of broken components to and from the maintenance workshop.

Machine Operator
2008 to 2009

Operated standard punch presses, drill presses, and other fabrication equipment to manufacture metal parts to specification.

Education and Training
Associate degree in electrical engineering

Green Valley Community College
Green Valley, MO


  • Ability to install, modify, test, and adjust power systems in accordance with all applicable state, local, and federal guidelines.
  • Certified welder.
  • Certified fork lift operator.
  • Detailed knowledge of facility systems including boilers, HVAC, and plant-wide compressed air systems.
Hobbies and Interests

In addition to my work, I also enjoy building model trains, and I spend my weekends serving as pit crew for a rally car team that competes at a regional level. As the pit leader, it is my job to coordinate all of the maintenance at every stop, communicate with the driver about his and the vehicle’s needs, and oversee the work done by other crew members.

Tips for Writing Your Maintenance Technician CV

Maintenance Technician Overview

Maintenance technicians are the heart and soul of most industrial operations, because while they fulfill a support role, it is often the support role that is central in keeping the machines that produce the main work of the operation going. The complex range of tasks that most technicians deal with can run the gamut from electrical work to welding, fabrication, plumbing, and even occasionally the construction of new machines. The maintenance technician CV example demonstrates this by showing a variety of ways to present the large umbrella of skills that maintenance technicians need to be successful in a busy industrial workplace.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Maintenance Technician CV

The maintenance technician CV example shown here demonstrates a variety of the skills needed in the profession, but it is by no means exhaustive. That is because the skills that a good maintenance technician needs to master will vary a little bit from job to job, depending on the technical requirements of the workplace and the employer’s industry. For that reason, maintenance in light industrial settings might require a slightly different skill set from that in medical settings or in heavy industry. When including your skills, make sure you emphasize any skills that are directly related to the machines and facilities you expect to encounter when working with a specific employer.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Along with the specific tips and ideas that go with the maintenance technician CV example, remember the following tips. That way, you will have a good general approach to the CV in addition to a great approach to writing one for your specific industry.

  • Your professional summary is designed to “hook” the reader, so it needs to be an engaging reflection of your personality.
  • The work experience section is likely to be your longest, but keep it concise by using strong, active verbs and measurable results that are clearly identifiable to the reader.
  • Remember, the skills section is important, even if your employment history is fairly long. Be sure to fill it out with a representative list of your skills, even the ones that are only peripherally related to the job.
  • Hobbies and interests might seem optional, but they can provide much needed insight into your leadership skills, goals, and additional skills that might have seemed too unrelated to the job to appear elsewhere on your CV, so make sure you spend time making it shine.
  • Last but not least, remember that everything in the CV should be written with the job description in mind—it is generally all right to include peripherally related items and skills, but not unrelated ones. That is the key to making an expansive CV a relevant one.
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