LPN CV Example

As you apply for LPN jobs, use a CV to show that you are licensed and qualified. Whether you want to work in a hospital, rehabilitation facility, nursing home, group home, clinic, or another kind of place, it is well worth the time to create a compelling CV that makes hiring managers take note of you. To that end, we have written a LPN CV example that should help. It includes sections such as the Professional Summary, Work Experience, and Interests; other sections you can include if needed are Job-Related Skills, Digital Competence, and Additional Information.

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Joni Jones

333 First Street, Roanoke, Virginia, 11111

T: 555-637-9923

E: jonijones@anymail

Professional Summary

I am a caring and well-organized LPN who is licensed to work in Virginia. My eight years of experience include geriatric and pediatric care, and I am excited to apply what I have learned to women’s health. Managers, patients, and their families frequently praise me for my ease in caring for patients, and my credentials include impeccable organizational skills as well as digital competence in recording patient progress and vitals.

Work Experience

Sunny Days Nursing Home

  • Follow treatment and care protocols to keep residents happy and in as good health as possible.
  • Administer medications and start IV fluids, recording times on the Sunny Days Nursing Home app.
  • Perform basic care such as dressing wounds, taking blood pressure, respiration, and pulse, and treating bedsores.


Morningside Nursing Home

  • Served as safety team member along with five other personnel.
  • Focused on eradicating threats to residents’ physical safety as well as doing regular LPN tasks.
  • Maintained an environment free of cords on the floor and advocated for bathrooms that were more accessible.
  • Decreased the rate of falls a total of 30 percent with the rest of the team.

Green Acres Children’s Hospital, LPN

  • Worked with medically fragile children who had conditions such as Down syndrome, autism, prematurity, Fragile X, and fetal alcohol syndrome.
  • Practiced compassion, patience, and understanding with the aim of enhancing patients’ social and cardiovascular skills as well as their overall health.

Education and Training
Licensed Practical Nurse

Commonwealth of Virginia

Associate of Applied Science in Practical Nursing

ABC College
Roanoke, Virginia

Nurse’s Aide Program

ABC College
Roanoke, Virginia


  • Critical thinking to inform the nursing process and to identify cause-effect relationships
  • Interpersonal skills to develop bonds with patients, their families, and staff
  • Excellent oral and written communications; active listener
  • Mobility, dexterity, and physical stamina, with the ability to transport 50 pounds regularly
  • Clinical knowledge
  • Time management
  • Experienced with tools such as hypodermic needles, open and closed IV systems, patient stabilization and fall prevention devices.
  • Proficient in software including Microsoft Office, MEDITECH, infusion management, and telephone triage
Hobbies and Interests

Love designing and flying kites. Avid traveler who enjoys wandering in cities around the world. Affinity for both jazz and country music.

Tips for Writing Your LPN CV

LPN Overview

A Licensed Practical Nurse is trained to care for convalescing, ill, or disabled patients in a variety of settings, ranging from hospitals and clinics to nursing and group homes, as well as private care. They administer medications and other basic treatments, make observations and otherwise provide health care. Some LPN positions may call for specialized experience. This LPN CV example points out in the Professional Summary section that the candidate’s experience in pediatric and geriatric health is applicable to women’s health, the focus of the job opening. If you are in a similar situation, you could even add lines in Work Experience such as, “Helped women with…” if natural and helpful to do so. In general, employers of LPNs seek out candidates who are licensed and who enjoy helping people. They want LPNs who work well independently and in teams, who are organized, and who communicate well.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your LPN CV

As you develop a CV, be sure to customize it to individual job postings. In other words, avoid sending out the exact same CV for all jobs. Review postings so you can include specific software titles where applicable and emphasize certain skills, if necessary. The LPN CV example lists soft skills such as communication and critical thinking along with hard skills such as knowledge of specific software programs and experience with devices that include IV systems. Nursing requires a fine balance between hard skills and soft skills, perhaps more than most professions, so as you review your CV, take extra effort to ensure you have included an adequate overview of your abilities in both aspects.

When possible, use metrics. They can be relatively simple, such as “Managed a caseload of 50 patients daily,” or more accomplishment-oriented, such as, “Developed a program that increased resident attendance to exercise classes by 50 percent.”

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Along with the LPN CV example, we have included this list of tips. You can use these general best practices to help write any kind of CV:

  • Vary your verbs; for example, you can use terms such as, “collaborated,” “managed,” “developed,” “administered,” and “assessed.”
  • Limit your CV to one page for entry-level work. Two pages are fine if you need to include 20 years of experience; allot about one decade of experience per page. Only in executive-level situations should your CV run to three pages.
  • Showcase your expertise through a mix of accomplishments, contributions, and specific job responsibilities.
  • Do not list high school information unless the most advanced formal education you have is from high school.
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