HVAC Service Technician CV Example

The employment process can be overwhelming, especially when looking for a new career. In order to land the most fulfilling jobs, you need to leave an impression with hiring managers and show proficiency and enthusiasm in the work you do. A succinct yet thorough curriculum vitae, or CV, is the first step in securing the job you want. With help from our HVAC service technician CV example and writing guide, you can find ways to improve your CV and start astounding employers before you even walk through their door.

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Rhonda Simmons

23 Framers Way, Allentown, PA 11111

T: (555) 762-9924


Professional Summary

Veteran service technician with over 15 years’ experience seeking senior supervisor position including site management and employee oversight. Fully NAFA certified and best practice compliant. Performed both on-site and administrative work, contributing to all facets of business. Awarded Excellence in Service and Safety six times at previous place of employment. Superior technical skills, including servicing, installing and repairing commercial and residential HVAC systems. I am efficient, communicative and committed to improving my practice.

Work Experience
Senior HVAC Service Technician

  • Install, diagnose and repair HVAC systems for both residential and commercial clients.
  • File invoices and complete necessary licensing paperwork, adding to my administrative competency.
  • Maintained a 95 percent punctuality rate over three years.

HVAC Service Technician

  • Assisted with installations and repairs, garnering four years of additional hands-on experience.
  • Awarded Excellence in Service and Safety recognition six times.

Commercial A/C Tech

  • Responded to service calls and maintenance checkups, testing thermometers and cleaning ventilation systems.
  • Assisted with administrative work, including invoice filing and service reports.
  • Developed team management and communication skills while working on large-scale commercial sites.

Education and Training
NAFA Certified Technician

National Air Filtration Association

Certified Ventilation Inspector

National Air Ducts Cleaning Association

A.A.S. in Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Mechanical Systems

Northampton County Area Community College
New Hampshire


  • Extensive knowledge in HVAC tools and technology, including multimeters, pressure indicators and hygrometers
  • Competency in database entry software and computer aided design (CAD) technology
  • Full certification in installation, service and maintenance of most commercial and residential HVAC systems
  • Critical thinker and problem solver
  • Communicative and respectful of colleagues, superiors and clients
Hobbies and Interests

As a mother, I have become involved in many local youth fundraising efforts for after school programs and activities. Along with these efforts, I also volunteer to coach my daughter’s softball team and participate in the annual 5k charity run. Other times, I am partial to spending quiet time with our cat while working out a crossword puzzle.

Tips for Writing Your HVAC Service Technician CV

HVAC Service Technician Overview

Before submitting your job application, take a moment to understand exactly what an HVAC technician job entails, and be better prepared to write your CV. As you saw in the HVAC service technician CV example, much of the information included relies upon familiarity with the position, including the tasks performed and education required.

As an HVAC technician, you typically install, service and repair heating and cooling systems. Other duties, including some administrative responsibilities, involve cleaning ventilation ducts and scheduling service calls in a computer database. You will also be required to speak with clients, instructing them on how to use their HVAC system and suggesting ways to better care for them. This job entails both technical and problem-solving abilities as you will often need to diagnose and address issues throughout complex ventilation systems.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your HVAC Service Technician CV

Throughout our HVAC service technician CV example, we’ve included a number of common skills and traits most hiring managers are looking for. For instance, as an HVAC specialist, you should elaborate on your technical training and abilities. Obviously, the more experience you have, the better; however, if you’re a recent graduate or looking for entry-level experience, you should focus more on your achievements and hirable traits. Include recent organizations, teams and accomplishments of which you’ve been a part.

For more experienced candidates, worthwhile skills for an HVAC technician also include quality control analysis, gauge monitoring, systems operations, time management, building and construction abilities, computer fluency, and equipment maintenance. Remember to never omit noteworthy details such as certification levels and promotions as they reinforce your experience and skills.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Finally, to help you achieve a more successful and noticeable curriculum vitae, here are some last words of advice to pair with our HVAC service technician CV example:

  • Include details, but be succinct. You want to impress the employers, but there is a limit to their attention spans. Keep your explanations brief, and limit your experience and skills to only the highlights.
  • Hard numbers and other evaluative metrics are an excellent way to provide ample information in very few words. Employ productivity rates and other measures to give hiring managers a better picture.
  • Be grammatical. Seriously, nothing looks worse than sloppy typographical errors and spelling mistakes. Take the time to double and triple check your work.
  • Keep your dates in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent experience and continuing backward in time. Also, avoid putting jobs held over 10 years ago on your CV. If they’re needed, omit the dates and keep the explanation very brief.
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