Human Resources Manager CV Example

Hiring managers look over CVs to determine which potential hires they should call in for an interview. One of the best ways to land an interview is to make sure your CV will get you noticed among other candidates. This human resources manager CV example is designed to help you understand how to write your own curriculum vitae or revamp a current one so that you get the attention you deserve during the hiring process.

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Sherri Johnson

123 W. Strawberry Fields Ln., Phoenix, Arizona, 11111

T: 555-234-5689

E: sherryj@anymail

Professional Summary

I am an outgoing, highly experienced human resources manager with over seven years of experience working in a professional setting. I have worked at customer service centers, marketing firms, and other businesses and have experience working with employees as well as high-level executives. I am very capable of managing many projects simultaneously while ensuring stringent deadlines are met and all documentation is correct. I am good at helping employees understand their responsibilities, finding hires for open positions, and making sure workplace procedures are followed.

Work Experience
Human Resources Manager

Resolved conflicts, handled complaints, and settled disputes among employees and supervisors in a timely, neutral manner. Used individual judgement and relevant information to decide whether processes and events complied with company standards and regulations. Developed constructive relationships with others through an open-door policy.

Human Resources Assistant

Helped the human resources manager at a burgeoning customer service center for a healthcare company. Ran reports and met with employees in situations where the HR manager was unavailable. Helped employees resolve conflicts with one another and also helped them understand benefits packages, hiring standards, and pay scale information.

Human Resources Secretary

Managed the front desk of a human resources office at a marketing firm. Scheduled appointments for employees who wanted to meet with the human resources manager and fielded the calls of potential employees applying for open positions. Made sure all employees were greeted in a friendly manner and that their appointments were on time.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management

Arizona State University

Graduated with honors

PHR Certification

Villanova University


  • Personable demeanor that helps employees seeking advice or assistance feel welcome and encouraged to discuss their grievances.
  • Familiar with many programs needed to run a successful HR office, such as Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Excellent scheduling skills that ensure all appointments are met and that they are efficient so that issues are resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Detail-oriented personality that guarantees all files are organized correctly and that laws and regulations are complied with.
  • The ability to recognize when employees are disgruntled and offer solutions that encourage harmony and productivity within a workplace.
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy mountain biking and exploring new trails in the great outdoors. Enjoy gardening and canning vegetables for use during the off-season. Passionate about spending time outside and often spend weekends and vacations finding new places to camp. Regularly host classes at the local recreation center about outdoor safety, outdoor survival, and camping skills.

Tips for Writing Your Human Resources Manager CV

Human Resources Manager Overview

It is extremely important to understand what the job you are applying for requires as you put together your CV. As evidenced in our human resources manager CV example, human resource managers must possess a variety of skills and abilities, from being able to work well with others to remaining familiar with benefit plans and company-instituted regulations. Not only do you want to highlight your experience within the HR industry, but you also want to make sure your attention to detail and ability to multitask gets noticed. Since you are often an important part of a company’s ability to hire and retain quality employees, you must be able to strongly communicate with others and recognize when others are truly committed to an organization’s objectives.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Human Resources Manager CV

The human resources manager CV example demonstrates what type of skills you need to showcase in your CV so that you get noticed by hiring managers and potential employers. As you put together your employment history section, make sure that you include all positions within the HR industry, as industry-related experience is always important. In your skills section, you should also make sure you note that you have developed your oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral expression, speech recognition, and written express skills throughout your prior experience. Additionally, you should include any certifications you have earned or awards you have received within your chosen field. This helps employers recognize you as a candidate who has a real knack for working in the human resources management field.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

To further enhance reviewing our human resources manager CV example, here are some general tips to remember as you put together your CV:

  • When a hiring manager looks at your CV, they will look at the middle of the page first, so make sure that your most important information is included here.
  • Make sure your CV includes a few common sections, such as your personal contact information, relevant skills, hobbies and interests, education, and prior work experience.
  • When outlining your skills section, use action words like “organized,” “planned,” or “communicated” to help potential employers understand the scope of your role.
  • Keep changing and altering your CV to match the jobs you are applying for until you begin to see results.
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