Human Resources Generalist CV Example

If you are seeking a job as a human resources generalist, your curriculum vitae is your tool to catch the attention of employers and set yourself up for success. This simple document serves as a way for you to explain your work history and skills while showing what your qualifications are. It is meant to be simple and brief, but include a lot of information about your career. Before you begin writing your CV, take the time to review this human resources generalist CV example and the included writing tips.

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Linda Lloyd

4385 Canyon Street, Portland, Oregon, 11111

T: 555-462-4826

E: llloyd@anymail

Professional Summary

Dedicated professional human resources expert. Candidate holds more than 10 years in corporate leadership experience and eight years in the human resources department. Experienced in employee management and leadership, conflict resolution, and administrative organization. Fully capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously, as well as managing numerous departments.

Work Experience
Human Resources Generalist
2010 to present

Complete administrative duties daily, guaranteeing all employees successfully receive their benefits and payment. Able to provide support to any employee whenever necessary, resolving conflicts or answering concerns efficiently and effectively. Maintain 97 percent resolution rate among filed complaints. Act as the first step in the interview process, offering advice to superiors about which candidates are the most promising. Compile human resources report and present it to superiors once each month.

HR Manager
2008 to 2010

Worked alongside other human resources employees, completing minor administrative responsibilities and inquiring different departments to discover areas for efficiency improvement. Designed and oversaw teamwork building and efficiency programs that all employees attended. Sat in on interviews to take notes and offer feedback on potential employees.

Sales Manager
2004 to 2008

Managed multiple sales accounts simultaneously, acting as primary interaction with many clients. Developed extensive communication and conflict resolution skills. Was responsible for customer satisfaction and managed any interaction other employees had with clients assigned to me.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 2008

University of Oregon


  • Administrative expertise
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
  • Conflict resolution
  • Critical thinking, time management, deductive reasoning
  • Management, leadership, cooperation, and teamwork
Hobbies and Interests

When possible, I try to run daily. I also enjoy reading and creative writing, and I like to keep my mind fit through daily puzzles. Additionally, I stay up to date by reading the newspaper.

Tips for Writing Your Human Resources Generalist CV

Human Resources Generalist Overview

This human resources generalist CV example demonstrates that it is important that your CV communicates that you have a complete understanding of the responsibilities you would have if hired. After reading your CV, employers should be confident that you would be able to begin working immediately. To make your CV as strong as possible, you should include this information in every section, but especially in your experience section. Human resource generalists are responsible for ensuring each employee is trained properly, receiving their benefits and paychecks, and effectively doing their job. They also take part in the hiring process and may conduct interviews personally. They answer questions that employees have and resolve conflicts.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Human Resources Generalist CV

One of the most important aspects of your CV should be communicating the skills and abilities that you have that will allow you to complete your job. The skills section is a natural area for you to outline this information, although the human resources generalist CV example shows that what you are capable of should be evident in all parts of your CV. First and foremost, you need to showcase your communication and conflict resolution abilities. Because this is at the core of a human resource position, it should be your priority to communicate it. Also vital to the position is administrative and organization responsibilities. Lastly, fill your CV out by mentioning general qualities, such as critical thinking, decision making, and leadership.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

In addition to this human resources generalist CV example, you should review these writing tips before you begin working on your own CV.

  • Focus on your experience section most. It should be the longest and include the strongest information. Employers are most interested in your work history, so go into details.
  • Your summary is most effective when it is brief. It is meant to catch the attention of readers, but not take long to read. Aim for four to six lines for your summary.
  • Your experience section should be in past tense, with the exception of currently held positions, which should be described in past tense. Also list the positions in reverse chronological order.
  • Including real metrics is an effective way to greatly strengthen your CV. It adds a lot of credibility and gives readers an idea of what you will accomplish if hired.
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