HR Generalist CV Example

To catch the interest of prospective employers, your CV needs to showcase your qualifications in a way that gets them noticed immediately. In addition to presenting a comprehensive employment history, your CV should also contain information on your skills and education. A CV also traditionally has a section on your hobbies and interests. This is helpful to employers who want to gain a sense of you as a person and how well you will fit into the dynamic of their particular workplace. Our HR generalist CV example presents a well-organized CV that contains relevant information. Once you have prepared the substance of your CV, don’t forget to check out the following writing tips for more help.

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Mary Jones

120 Main Street, Anytown, State 11111

T: 555-344-7666

E: mary.jones@anymail

Professional Summary

Consummate professional with over two decades of experience working in HR. Commended for designing and implementing employee mediation program. Experience includes staff development, records management and HR policy development and oversight. Ensured that HR policies and actions were compliant with applicable laws. Oversaw employee recruitment. Increased employee retention and satisfaction through effective management of issues such as compensation, benefits and conflict resolution. Motivational team leader with highly developed communication and conflict resolution skills.

Work Experience
HR Generalist
2007 to present

  • Contribute to successful opening of new branch location by designing and executing employee training and orientation programs, benefits and compensation packages, incentives and office policies.
  • Manage personnel records.
  • Administer HR budget and benefits enrollment.
  • Supervise implementation of workers’ compensation programs and ensure legal compliance.
  • Compose workplace code of conduct, disciplinary policies, FMLA and other leave policies.
  • Introduce and manage structured performance review system.
  • Develop system for getting and implementing feedback from employees.

HR Representative

  • Substantially reduced company’s costs by bringing recruiting initiatives in-house and cutting down on use of outside agencies.
  • Developed training program for managers to learn effective hiring practices.
  • Administered benefits.
  • Managed benefits enrollment plans and resolved issues between employees and benefits providers.
  • Participated in development of employee incentive programs.

Administrative Assistant

  • Provided administrative support for HR department.
  • Updated and maintained filing system.
  • Contributed substantially to the implementation of electronic record keeping.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

City College

Professional in Human Resources Certification


  • Excellent mediator who aims to achieve optimal compromise between disputing parties.
  • Effective team leader who excels at motivating and working with others.
  • Proficient in HRIS and MS Office applications.
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented.
  • Prioritize keeping up-to-date on professional and legal developments that potentially affect HR policy and company activities.
  • Understands the ways effective HR management and policy development contributes to the efficient operation and general well-being of the company.
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy knitting, painting and playing with my pets. Love the outdoors and take long bike rides on weekends.

Tips for Writing Your HR Generalist CV

HR Generalist Overview

The HR generalist occupies a management position in the human resources department. This is a position with a great deal of responsibility, as well as a varied range of tasks. On a day-to-day basis, an HR generalist can expect to be involved in staffing logistics, employee training, benefits administration, employee discipline, grievances, health and safety, performance management and legal compliance. In addition to extensive experience working in an HR department, employers want to see candidates with practical skills in all of the above areas, as shown in the HR generalist CV example above. Depending on the size of the company, the HR department you manage may be large or small. In any case, you will need to possess leadership skills not just in terms of supervising your own department but also in working with senior management to promote employee productivity and satisfaction.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your HR Generalist CV

To succeed as an HR generalist, you will need stellar leadership qualities, the ability to multitask constantly and an in-depth understanding of management and operational principles. Most employers require prior substantial HR experience for consideration for this management position. Your CV should make it clear that you have practical experience in all major aspects of HR operations, from working on conflict resolution with individual employees to formulating company-wide policies. As you can see in the HR generalist CV example, a qualified candidate is acutely aware of the importance of attending to details and the big picture. You need to show a high level of organization and attention to detail. Whether you are taking a complaint from a disgruntled employee or setting up your company’s incentive and promotion policy, your actions can directly affect the company’s well-being on several levels, including legal and financial. Employers want to see from your CV that you are fully aware of the impact of your role within the company.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

After reviewing our HR generalist CV example, take a look at the following general advice that will enhance any CV:

  • Be sure to check several times for problems such as typos, grammatical errors and bad formatting. An extra apostrophe or a missing space can seem insignificant, but employers tend to notice them and count them against you. In addition to projecting a lack of care, such errors belie any claims you make to be detail-oriented.
  • Leave any negativity out of your CV. In general, your language should be neutral to positive when you write about your prior experiences, focusing on the contributions you made in your previous workplaces. Do not explain why you decided to look for a new position.
  • Be sure to include correct and complete contact information. Primarily, this will consist of your telephone and email address. However, convention still mandates the inclusion of a street address as well, so employers are likely to notice its omission unfavorably. You never want to appear as if you do not know what a CV is supposed to look like.
  • Do include a section about yourself as a person. This section can contain your hobbies or interests, but use your judgment as to what types of activities are appropriate to include in your CV.
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