Graphic Designer CV Example

Sparking the interest of people such as hiring managers is your first key to getting a job. One way to do this is through a topnotch CV that details your pertinent skills, experience and accomplishments. Take advantage of our graphic designer CV example to devise a CV that works for your situation. We also provide tips on the various sections such as Work History, Education and Interests that you need to include. Avoid the common mistakes we will explain later.

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Marc Podesta

345 Rochester Drive, Roanoke, Virginia, 11111

T: 555-564-7733

E: mpodesta@anymail

Professional Summary

I am a motivated and personable graphic designer with 10 years of experience that includes supervising staffs of up to 15 and collaborating on a wide range of print and digital projects. Awards won include “Dynamic Designer” from AIGA. Current and former clients include corporations, publishers, law firms and medical offices; I’ve worked with accounts of up to $50k. I excel at communicating with clients to tease out what they want from projects, and my years of work in the field have sharpened my process into smooth efficiency.

Work Experience
Quality Graphic Design
2010 to present

Lead a team of 15 graphic designers on projects for many types of businesses. Oversee projects ranging in cost from $2k to $50k. Achieve stellar results in interactive print design, motion graphics, typographic posters and much more. Awarded “Dynamic Designer” recognition from AIGA for work on the Jane Doe toothpaste brand.

Freelance Graphic Designer

Worked with individuals and businesses to meet their marketing needs via graphic design. Created logos, infographics, advertisements and much more for both print and digital formats. Won the “Excellence in Marketing Design” award from the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce for a 2009 project with ABC Company.

XYZ Publishing Company

Designed three romance book covers a month. Combined stock photography and eye-catching typography to help at least 60% of the novels reach best-seller status on the New York Times list.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

University of Virginia

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Internship in UVa marketing department for senior project


  • Exemplary communication skills such as active listening to understand what clients want from their projects and what their goals are.
  • Excellent collaborator and team leader.
  • Creative thinking skills to give each and every project unique spins.
  • Internal drive to stay on top of trends and technology.
  • In-depth knowledge of software for graphic design, desktop publishing, video creation/video editing and web development (includes Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Creative Cloud and Apple Final Cut Pro).
Hobbies and Interests

Love hiking and rock climbing to reach new heights. Volunteer as leader for a kids’ hiking club and oversee monthly hikes for children ages 10-15. Voracious reader of biographies and memoirs.

Tips for Writing Your Graphic designer CV

Graphic Designer Overview

As you can see in our graphic designer CV example, you should select certain details of your work history to best match the requirements of the job you are applying for. Graphic designers must be good communicators as well as skilled designers. Highlight your interpersonal skills and your ability to be a team leader and/or team player. Also indicate that you are creative. Other areas of proficiency that many job postings ask for include organizational and time management skills. Remember to include information about software programs you are adept with. If you are bilingual, adding that fact could be useful for certain positions.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Graphic Designer CV

The graphic designer CV example above indicates what is necessary for hiring managers to take note of you. For example, if you have won awards, include at least one in your professional summary, and touch on the types of businesses or clients you have done design projects for. If you have supervisory experience, identify how many people you supervise, and present some of your soft skills. In the Skills section, list software programs you excel in as well as soft skills such as active listening and leadership. Also highlight your creativity as a skill, for example, by making sure each project you do is unique.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

To accompany our graphic designer CV example, we have provided basic good-practice tips that can be applied to any CV.

  • Use numbers to quantify your experience and accomplishments when possible (i.e., number of people supervised, percentage of money you have saved clients).
  • List your work experience starting from your most current jobs and work backward to other parts of your career. You generally do not need to include jobs from more than 10 years ago.
  • Write about previous jobs in past tense; current jobs get the present tense treatment.
  • Bypass writing about anything that could be remotely divisive. Examples include politics, religion and possibly even sports. Give just enough information to lend insight into who you are as a person.
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