Financial Analyst CV Example

Your CV is what will get the attention of employers and get you the opportunity to interview for an appealing financial analyst position. By showing off your skills, work history, abilities, and personal traits, you can get employers interested in hiring you. The best way to write a strong CV that will create a strong first impression is to review a sample CV. This financial analyst CV example, as well as the included writing guide and tips, will make it much easier for you to get started on your own CV.

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Diane Peterson

743 Hillard Way, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 11111

T: 555-951-7536

E: dpeterson@anymail

Professional Summary

Through more than 10 years in the financial field, I have developed the analysis and organizational skills necessary to succeed as a financial analyst. I bring strong communication skills and a detail-oriented mindset to loyalty and dedication. By prioritizing efficiency, I have informed investment decisions throughout my long career.

Work Experience
Financial Analyst
2012 to present

Gather and organize information of past and future financial opportunities. Advise investments and timing to superiors to help inform decisions. Present gathered information at monthly board meeting. Compare different scenarios and evaluate all options to determine how much risk is involved and which course of action is most likely to result in the best return. Provide management over financial department and delegate tasks to other employees.

Financial Advisor
2009 to 2012

Provided insight into financial opportunities and answered questions about potential outcomes. Reviewed statistical data gathered by others to check for inconsistencies and provide fact checking.

2006 to 2009

Assessed risk on a daily basis, indentifying areas of insurance policies that could cost the company money. Made informed decisions about which policies to offer and where coverage could be made available without posing a major risk to my company.

Education and Training
Bachelor in Economics 2006

University of New Mexico


  • Economically minded and familiar with market trends and economic theory
  • Interpersonal communication, both written and oral
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Cooperation, coordination, and leadership
  • Technological native and familiar with using computers for daily work
Hobbies and Interests

I review economic magazines to stay up to date on current market trends in my spare time. I put my economic skills to good use in the community by tutoring math on the side. I also like to stay active by running daily.

Tips for Writing Your Financial Analyst CV

Financial Analyst Overview

The first aspect you should understand from this financial analyst CV example is that it is important to fill your CV with information about the position for which you are applying. This shows employers that you are qualified and understand the responsibilities you would have if you were chosen. Financial analysts gather corporate and market information and then organize it into a useful form. A core part of analysts’ jobs is to present this information to others so that managers and executives can make informed decisions. This may take the form of board presentations or written reports. Include this information in each section of your CV.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Financial Analyst CV

As you saw in this financial analyst CV example, the core of your CV is expressing what skills and knowledge you have that will allow you to thrive in the position. You should mention the more foundational skills that are involved with the position, such as computer knowledge and cooperation. Spend significantly more time describing the core skills required for financial analysis. These include critical thinking, written and verbal communication, organization, and analysis. Through research of the company and position, you may discover other skills that could be relevant to the specific opening you are applying for. Look for opportunities to include other information that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

There are a few other practices that you can learn from this financial analyst CV example. In addition to the information listed above, you should also:

  • Include most of your strong skills and abilities in your experience section. Because employers are most interested in this information, you should make it the longest and include the most vital information.
  • Be as specific as possible. Including real numbers and metrics can be a good way to add some credibility to your CV and give readers a real idea of what you will be like in the position.
  • Your current job should be first in your experience section. This is also the only one that is in present tense. All others should be listed in reverse chronological order and be in past tense.
  • It is good if your hobbies and personal information relate to the job in some way, although you should not include information that is too personal, such as political views or religion.
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