Executive Assistant CV Example

Working on your CV is one of the best things you can do to raise your chances of getting the job you want. Your CV is your opportunity to tell potential employers about the strengths, knowledge and achievements that make you a stellar candidate. In addition to following general CV conventions, be sure to research and apply any particular industry or employer-specific requirements. To make sure you get all the nitty-gritty details right, start by taking a look at our executive assistant CV example, and then review the accompanying guidelines that explain some effective ways to present your own qualifications.

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David Addison

437 Oak Drive, Oakland, California, 11111

T: 555-923-7823

E: d.addison@anymail

Professional Summary

As a highly organized and motivated self-starter, I have designed and implemented scheduling and filing systems that have substantially reduced the time necessary to input and access information, as well as time wasted due to misplaced files or unclear scheduling. I excel at performing in a high-pressure environment and am able to communicate in a calm, pleasant way even in the midst of a crisis. In addition to my proficiency in the technical aspects of my duties, I am an excellent communicator and multitasker.

Work Experience
Executive Assistant
2012 to present

Managed scheduling and other administrative duties for operations director. Supervised and trained team of three clerical assistants. Arranged calls, meetings and travel for operations director. Communicated with other departments on his behalf. Drafted correspondence and memoranda. Conducted statistical research and prepared reports for presentation. Used word processing, publishing, presentation and spreadsheet software, as well as proprietary scheduling software.

Administrative Assistant

Answered telephone calls and performed front-desk duties. Organized and maintained the filing system. Performed clerical duties for the department as needed.

File Clerk

Performed clerical duties including filing, copying and mailing. Was on call to perform administrative errands for several departments.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies

State University


  • Cheerful and collected at times of stress in order to keep focused on providing optimal solutions and support
  • Initiative to improve workflow and ensure that goals are met
  • Quick learner who is continually working on gaining new skills
  • Effective communicator who works well with others
  • Confident speaker and excellent team motivator
  • Organized and detail-oriented to keep track of large volumes of information
  • Enthusiastic team player who always goes above and beyond to deliver the best results possible
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy reading, gardening and visiting museums. Avid sports fan who is also a volunteer basketball coach at local youth center. Love learning new languages and am currently increasing proficiency in Spanish.

Tips for Writing Your Executive Assistant CV

Executive Assistant Overview

Applying for a position means showing that you know its description and requirements. Whether you already have some experience like the applicant in our executive assistant CV example, or you are looking for a promotion, your CV should reflect a knowledge of what employers look for in an executive assistant. This is a position that requires providing administrative support to an executive in the company. In addition to tasks such as scheduling, making and taking phone calls and receiving visitors, you may be asked to maintain a filing system, conduct research and write letters and reports. You should be familiar with a wide range of office software, including word processing, publishing, spreadsheets and databases. Some executive assistant positions may require fluency in an additional language. Throughout your day, you will interact with co-workers, clients and business contacts.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Executive Assistant CV

As is demonstrated in our executive assistant CV example, it is important to list skills that cover all aspects of the job requirements for an executive assistant. While our example addresses the typical qualities important for this position, make sure to read the individual job description carefully and make note of any specific needs stated by a prospective employer. To convince employers that you are the right person for this job, your skills and experience should assure them that you have what it takes to perform well. Executive assistants often work with company executives who are under a lot of pressure. This means you will need to keep your cool and go on providing reliable support even when people around you may be losing their tempers. You should also be a quick learner and multitask well. Organization and attention to detail are among the top qualities employers seek in executive assistants.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

In addition to the job-specific guidance we offer in our executive assistant CV example, here are some general tips to remember when working on your CV:

  • Check your CV for errors multiple times; if possible, enlist a friend or family member to look it over and catch anything you missed. Typos or spelling mistakes are incredibly easy to make, and many of them will slip through your spellchecking program. While everyone makes mistakes, employers see errors on a CV as evidence of carelessness.
  • Format your resume in a streamlined and visually appealing way. Use professional fonts in a legible size. It is fine for a CV to be longer than one page, so don’t make it look cramped and difficult to read by trying to squeeze everything together. Add spaces between sections to create a visual separation.
  • Use first person when referring to your experiences and achievements. Do not refer to yourself in the third person.
  • Avoid listing reasons you are leaving your current position. Including this information on your CV can serve as a red flag for potential employers, who may assume that you are unaware of this fairly standard norm or that you are leaving on particularly bad terms.
  • Do not fudge dates or other information. Most employers will check your information anyway, and even minor discrepancies can make you look untrustworthy. For this reason, you should also check any dates you are not sure of because putting the wrong one will create a negative impression.
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