Executive Administrative Assistant CV Example

When you sit down to start drafting your CV, the first thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the right format. Employers expect to see certain types of information presented in a neat and organized manner. In addition to following prevailing CV conventions for your industry, take the time to learn about your prospective employer and the requirements for the position you want to apply for. This will help you decide what background information to include, and prioritize the facts that are most likely to be important. Our writing tips and executive administrative assistant CV example demonstrate an effective way of showcasing your qualifications that will make hiring managers notice you.

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Jack Connor

8787 Mountainview Lane, Township, State 11111

T: 555-112-8345

E: j.connor@anymail

Professional Summary

With eight years of high-level experience reporting to top executives, I am efficient and professional. As a detail-oriented multi-tasker, I am proficient at balancing multiple projects effectively. I am tactful, courteous and organized. In addition to performing technical administrative tasks, I work with colleagues, clients and business partners to facilitate cooperation on projects, organize meetings and serve as a gatekeeper for my immediate supervisor. I am a motivated self-starter who works independently and takes initiative to solve problems and optimize processes.

Work Experience
Executive Administrative Assistant
2012 to present

  • Negotiate agreements with vendors, suppliers and service providers for company events.
  • Maintain and update physical and computerized filing system.
  • Serve as gatekeeper for executive team.
  • Manage executive calendar and schedule events, conferences and meetings.
  • Manage travel and event logistics.
  • Facilitate communication between the executive team and individual departments.
  • Handle correspondence.
  • Research and prepare reports.

Executive Administrative Assistant

  • Promoted from administrative assistant position.
  • Supported company’s CFO via administrative logistics.
  • Performed research and composed memoranda and reports.
  • Ensured proper maintenance of office equipment and technology.
  • Managed CFO’s schedule.

Administrative Assistant

  • Provided administrative support for accounting department.
  • Answered phone calls and facilitated communication with other departments.
  • Prepared reports, statements and documentation.
  • Prepared bank deposits.
  • Managed filing system.
  • Contributed substantially to department’s transition to electronic record keeping.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Business Management

City University


  • Efficient multitasker who is able to manage both minute details and the big picture.
  • Professional, tactful communicator, adept at de-escalating potentially tense situations.
  • Proficient computer user and typist, familiar with office software and major database use.
  • Motivated team player, always striving for professional improvement.
Hobbies and Interests

Like to unwind with a good book or an absorbing game of chess. Enjoy swimming, hiking and running.

Tips for Writing Your Executive Administrative Assistant CV

Executive Administrative Assistant Overview

An executive administrative assistant needs to be proficient in many kinds of tasks. This is a fairly high-level position that typically involves working directly for one of the top executive officers or for an executive team. In addition to taking care of regular administrative tasks such as filing and answering the phone, you will be called upon to utilize communication, technical and multitasking skills. An executive administrative assistant interfaces with clients, business partners, vendors and top management. At times, you may need to deal tactfully with people who are upset, angry or insistent. This job may also involve research and writing, from business correspondence to comprehensive reports. The executive administrative assistant also keeps track of scheduling and ensures that everything runs smoothly. Not least, this is a position that often demands the ability to keep confidential information to oneself. Our executive administrative assistant CV example presents a candidate whose qualifications show him able to perform well in this capacity.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Executive Administrative Assistant CV

As the person in charge of providing a full range of logistical and administrative support for top-level executives, you will need to demonstrate a plethora of routine office skills. This includes the ability to use word processing and presentation software; you may also need to be proficient with spreadsheets and databases. A high typing speed can also be important in a position where you can expect to draft letters and memoranda, sometimes via dictation. Organization and attention to detail are key in this position that entails managing paperwork, electronic filing and busy scheduling. Employers want to see that you are efficient at multitasking and will not get flustered when confronted with multiple urgent projects. As shown in the above executive administrative assistant CV example, communication skills are another essential component of success in this position. Employers want an assistant who uses good sense when dealing with others and who can use firmness or tact as necessary for the optimal handling of a situation. The ability to remain professional, courteous and calm in the face of crisis is the hallmark of a top executive administrative assistant.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Our executive administrative assistant CV example offers a convenient template to start creating your own CV. Bring it to the next level by incorporating the following general guidelines:

  • You can only make a first impression once, so make sure you don’t ruin a prospective employer’s first look at your CV with unattractive formatting. Use headers, bullet points, spacing and indentation to organize your information and avoid an unsightly, dense block of text. Use conventional fonts in a legible but not overly large size. For most industries, it makes sense to avoid an unusual appearance; your CV’s look should not attract more attention than its substance. Of course, do your research for each employer because some businesses in the creative sector can have different expectations.
  • Do include your college degrees and relevant professional education and certificates. High school information should be left off unless it is your last educational experience. If you are switching fields, you may want to leave off professional certifications that are irrelevant to the position you seek.
  • While employers expect to see some personal information on your CV, use your common sense and your knowledge of the employer to gauge what is appropriate to include. Employers typically want to see a mentally healthy, well-rounded individual but may frown on pursuits that come across as extremely exotic or time-consuming.
  • Review your text multiple times to ensure it is free from typos, spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Remember that your spellchecker will not catch all errors.
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