Estimator CV Example

Since you can't be in the room while an employer looks through job applications, your CV needs to present the best possible image of you. With our tips and the following estimator CV example, you can learn how to make a CV that stands out and may lead to an interview. These guidelines are useful for putting together the important parts of a CV, like the Summary, Education and Skills sections. The example below shows the kind of information an employer wants to know when looking through CVs and applications.

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Jack Le

330 Horner Lane, Highland, CA 11111

T: 555-447-7441

E: jack.le@anymail

Professional Summary

Professional forecaster and estimator with great communication skills. Worked for seven years to help businesses manage their costs through well-reasoned estimates and future projections. Passionate about the details involved in cost estimation and using new models to update forecasts. Able to handle multiple projects at once and give each proper priority.

Work Experience
Senior Estimator
May 2014 – Present

  • Travel to job sites to discuss on-site costs during projects.
  • Merge different estimation formulas into one, more efficient computation.
  • Attend conferences to stay up to date on new technologies and how they affect construction costs.

Jewelry Appraiser
November 2011 – April 2014

  • Researched history of heirloom pieces to determine authenticity, rarity and value.
  • Led community outreach program to encourage families to bring their valuables in for insurance appraisals.

Waste Management Route Manager
July 2009 – November 2011

  • Planned multiple alternate routes for use during times of volumes lower or higher than normal.
  • Received estimates for truck maintenance and made improvements to save 15 percent on parts and labor.
  • Kept truck fleet in line with state and national DOT regulations.

Education and Training
Registered Jeweler

American Gem Society

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

University of Michigan

Graduated Summa Cum Laude


  • Advanced mathematics skills and experienced with various analytic software.
  • Ability to reduce problems to smaller components and delegate tasks.
  • Detail-oriented when researching cost histories and able to write concise reports about findings.
  • Skilled at coordinating large projects with multiple coworkers.
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy dancing and attending performances of a variety of styles. Member of a local dance club that hosts weekly dance classes and bimonthly events. Interested in nature and maintain a seasonal backyard garden. Volunteer at a local nursery by watering plants and aerating topsoil. Currently engaged in community efforts to fund a neighborhood vegetable garden.

Tips for Writing Your Estimator CV

Estimator Overview

Estimation is one vital way businesses prepare their budgets and plan for future investments. In the estimator CV example above, you can see that this sort of work can happen in a variety of industries. This example references how an estimator may be useful in maintaining a fleet of garbage trucks, judging the quality and value of jewelry, and computing the cost of construction materials for remodeling projects. Some important tasks in this job include analyzing historical cost data and communicating with others about financial matters. You would be frequently working with numbers and forecasts, so highlight any experience with these important concepts.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Estimator CV

To get a job as an estimator, you need to show an employer that you have all the necessary skills and knowledge needed for the position. In the estimator CV example, you see that some skills to mention include being detail-oriented and a good communicator. In your work experience, mention whenever you have conducted the kind of research necessary to forecast costs and other financial matters. Any mathematical skills you have are also an asset to this job, so include them in either the skills section or your work experience. Finally, make sure to highlight specific job duties that relate to being an estimator.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

As you get ready to craft your CV, review the estimator CV example above, and keep these general tips in mind as you write your CV:

  • Start with your most recent work history and then work backwards. If you have a very long work history, don't go any further back than 10 years.
  • Use specific metrics when describing your work experience, such as percentages in reference to increased efficiency or customer satisfaction.
  • Only include your GPA with your degree if you recently earned it. For degrees in progress, list the year you plan to graduate.
  • Print your CV and read it over with one or more people to catch possible errors.
  • Use the summary and hobby sections to add a personal touch to your CV, but avoid polarizing subjects such as politics and religion.
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