Electrician CV Example

Securing a job in any field requires that you have the tools needed to attract the attention of those doing the hiring. The electrician CV example shown here was designed specifically for that purpose. A curriculum vitae helps sell yourself to employers by listing your prior work experience, skills and aptitudes, as well as your professional achievements in a manner that is both clear and concise. By following the advice offered in this writing guide, you’ll present yourself as the ideal candidate for almost any position. The information included here can also be helpful if you’re a hiring manager putting together data to be included in a job listing.

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Wayne Wallace

4589 Pleasant Avenue, Gainesville Florida 11111

T: 555-555-1199

E: wwallace@locallaborers

Professional Summary

I have been a licensed electrician for over six years, during which time I have worked for a family-owned and operated residential electrical company. I am looking to secure a position with a largely contracting firm that will allow me to continue to build my skill set through new challenges. I am a hard worker, fast learner and a skilled on-the-job leader. I work very well as part of a team with a shared goal and vision. While my work has been primarily with residential properties, I have done commercial work as an independent contractor hired by other firms. I have a great attention to detail which helps me to avoid errors and the need for follow-up work. I own much of my own equipment and am perfectly adaptable to working in any conditions.

Work Experience
Residential Electrician
2010 – 2016

Worked as part of an electrical team that contracted with local home builders to handle all electrical wiring on their new builds. Personally completed the electrical work in over 400 homes. Collaborated with local contractors and civic leaders to assist in the building of new homes as part of public assistance projects.

Electrician Apprentice
2008 - 2010

Labored alongside local independent electrician as part of licensing program through technical college. Completed electrical wiring on both residential and commercial properties and answered after-hours electrical emergency calls. Handled administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling and supply ordering.

Construction Worker
2005 – 2008

Served on team that performed all manner of general contracting work, including framing, roofing, foundation repair and concrete work. Recognized by employer for ability to pick up new tasks quickly through on-the-job training. Participated in close to 75 different construction projects.

Education and Training
NECA Electrical Contractor License

Florida State Electrical Licensing Board

Required to demonstrate proficiency in both residential and commercial electrical work, and in working with specialty equipment. Continuing education opportunities have led to education in security and alarm systems, limited energy utilization and utility line usage.

Licensed Residential Electrician Certification

Downhome Applied Technical College

Completed apprenticeship program. Received over 10 different offers through job placement program.


  • Understand both state and local zoning and electrical load standards
  • Trained in electrocution as well as fire prevention techniques
  • Familiar with both residential and commercial electrical requirements
  • Able to multi-task while still staying focused on short- and long-term goals
  • Good communicator with both customers and coworkers
Hobbies and Interests

Lifelong lover of the outdoors including camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. Served as a local representative for electrical workers union in 2014. Volunteer baseball and softball coach and umpire for local youth sports organization.

Tips for Writing Your Electrician CV

Electrician Overview

Your prior work experience has likely prepared you to understand what the position that you’re applying for entails. Still, every job will have its own unique requirements, and there is almost certain to be at least a small level of on-the-job learning required. Therefore, as you can see in the electrician CV example, it’s important to stress your ability and willingness to learn new tasks throughout your document. Electricians, whether focusing on commercial or residential work, plan and carry out the installation of all electrical wiring, circuitry and fixtures throughout a structure. After installation is completed, they will typically go through testing to ensure electrical flow is functioning safely and optimally. Often, they’ll work in conjunction with a general contracting firm as part of a larger team of service providers. They may also be called in to perform inspections on existing structures.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Electrician CV

As is evident in the electrician CV example, the space to list your professional skills and knowledge is limited. Thus, you’ll need to know which traits and characteristics prospective employers value most. For electricians those are strong comprehension skills, as they are required to perform a single component service that is typically part of a much larger plan. They also, of course, need to understand the principles of electrical current flow so as to avoid accidents during installation and connect all outlets to the central electrical system. As electrical issues can often be difficult to diagnose once a structure had been completed, electricians are also required to have strong deductive and inductive reasoning skills.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

The electrician CV example included here is a general one that will give you a good idea of where to start with your document. When creating your own, you’ll want to look to personalize and optimize your information where you can. This helps make your CV that much more memorable as its being considered amongst others. Consider the following tips when editing and improving your document:

  • Proofread your CV multiple times. You’ll be surprised to see how easily grammatical errors can be missed even with repeated readings.
  • Organize your information neatly by avoiding widows and orphans. These are cases where the last line of a paragraph crosses onto the following page of a document, or the first line begins on the previous page.
  • Include specific examples of your technical knowledge wherever you can to add to your credibility.
  • Don’t list your high school information as part of your educational background unless the job listing specifically calls for it.
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