Diesel Mechanic CV Example

The job searching process can be difficult. To make the most of each application, you should focus on improving your curriculum vitae and meeting employers’ expectations. This simple document explains your skills and experiences so readers know everything they need to about you. One of the best approaches is to review a sample. Review the following diesel mechanic CV example before you begin writing your own CV. In addition to the example, the writing guide and tips will help you know what the document is supposed to look like and contain.

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Mark Roberts

4533 Lincoln Street, Carson City, Nevada, 11111

T: 555-065-8956

E: mroberts@anymail

Professional Summary

Dedicated and talented mechanic with specialization with diesel engines. With nearly 10 years of experience, I am capable of maintaining, repairing, and operating any kind of vehicle machinery. I prioritize cooperation with other mechanics to achieve success and strong communication skills. Able to utilize the skills and abilities developed over long and successful career in mechanical engineering.

Work Experience
Diesel Mechanic
2014 to present

  • Examine diesel engines and identify any issues that must be resolved, making note of them or fixing minor problems on the spot.
  • Perform routine maintenance on diesel vehicles, tuning them up by changing the oil, lubricating moving parts, and checking the status of the battery.
  • Follow up on other examinations to confirm issues and implement fixes as necessary.
  • Complete repairs and maintenance on other vehicle components, including brakes, suspension, and frame.

Maintenance Worker
2010 to 2014

  • Scheduled maintenance work that must be done and delegated the work to all mechanics.
  • Performed repairs quickly and effectively.
  • Completed troubleshooting to identify maintenance work that must be completed.

Mechanic Assistant
2008 to 2010

  • Provided support to primary mechanic in all processes.
  • Interacted with customers to schedule appointments and organize all clients.
  • Prepare tools and equipment prior to mechanical operations.
  • Follow instructions carefully and precisely, quickly fetching tools or helping with engines.

Education and Training
ASE Certification


  • Extensive mechanical expertise
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
  • Customer and personal service
  • Public safety in workshop environment
  • Critical thinking, analysis, and decision making
Hobbies and Interests

When I am not working, I enjoy staying fit through weight lifting. I also enjoy running on a daily basis and travelling when I am able to. I like to immerse myself in other cultures and develop my communication skills.

Tips for Writing Your Diesel Mechanic CV

Diesel Mechanic Overview

One of the most important aspects of this diesel mechanic CV example that you need to include in yours is communication of your professional knowledge. After reading your CV, employers should have no doubts that you fully understand what you will be expected to do so they will be able to spend the least amount of time and money on training. To make this aspect more specific, review the job posting carefully. Diesel mechanics are responsible for all types of maintenance and repair, as well as analysis of diesel engines. The job may also require working with other aspects of diesel vehicles besides the engine.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Diesel Mechanic CV

As demonstrated in the diesel mechanic CV example, the communication of your skills is a big part of your CV. There is a skills section, which will outline the most important abilities to the position, although you should also distribute this information throughout the CV. The most important skills are mechanical repair and maintenance, although a background in transportation is also beneficial. Secondary skills such as customer service, public safety, and communication should also be included. Finally, you can fill your CV out by including general skills and attributes, including critical thinking, perception, decision making, detail orientation, analysis, spatial awareness, or design.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

In addition to this diesel mechanic CV example, the following writing tips will help you make sure you create a CV that will catch the attention of employers and improve your chances of being hired:

  • Fill out the experience section. Because employers are most interested in the information found in this section, you should make it the longest and include the strongest information possible.
  • Don’t include inappropriate information. While your CV should be more personal than a resume, there is still some information that would be inappropriate to include, such as religious or political views.
  • Include specific metrics to make your CV stronger. You can also make it more specific by including information from the job posting.
  • List your experiences in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent. Additionally, only your current position should be in present tense, and all others should be in past tense.
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