DevOps Engineer CV Example

Before you start the process of applying for your dream job, take the time to create a comprehensive curriculum vitae detailing your work history and qualifications. The DevOps engineer CV example is an excellent source for learning what information to include and how to structure it correctly. You can use the accompanying writing guide for tips on how to personalize your CV with your own unique skills and achievements. With our sample and helpful instructional material, you can develop a CV that will set your application apart from the competition.

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Laura Baker

55 Capitol Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, 11111

T: 555-123-9485

E: l.baker@anymail

Professional Summary

Innovative DevOps engineer with diverse work history and educational background. Professional experience as a software developer, systems administrator, and IT support representative. Knowledge of software development, testing, and deployment procedures allows me to bridge the gap between development and operations for an efficient work model. Earned high praise from previous employers including Outstanding SysAdmin Award for managing new software deployment and upgrades.

Work Experience
Lead Software Developer
2013 to present

  • Manage software development projects, including checking and improving the code.
  • Communicate directly with clients to learn project objectives and create solutions that meet functionality and budget requirements.
  • Oversee testing, implementation, and upgrade procedures for new software, including giving instructional presentations to clients.

Systems Administrator

  • Ensured maximum functionality and efficiency for network and other computer systems.
  • Lead new software deployment for high-level customer as project manager, and earned Outstanding SysAdmin Award.
  • Managed team of technical support representatives.
  • Scheduled security patches and planned outages and upgrades to create minimal disruption for employees.
  • Ensured employees followed security protocols and completed disciplinary action and documentation when necessary.

IT Support Representative

  • Communicated directly with customers to provide help and troubleshooting advice for a variety of computer and software products.
  • Documented every problem and solution according to company protocols.
  • Advised end-users of best practices in computer, network, and software operation.

Education and Training
Certified Software Development Professional

IEEE Computer Society

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Regis University


  • Extremely organized and detail-oriented
  • Ability to explain complex technical material in an understandable way so software implementation and testing runs efficiently
  • Expert-level proficiency in C++, Adobe ActionScript, Apache Maven, Linux, and Python
  • Highly focused with ability to make results-driven decisions
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy playing and developing video games and attending gamer conferences. Teach Computer Basics course at local library every month. Moderate an online forum for discussing video games and movies.

Tips for Writing Your DevOps Engineer CV

DevOps Engineer Overview

As you can see in the DevOps engineer CV example, it's essential to have a thorough understanding of the job and industry before you start writing your CV. Once you know what skills and qualifications to highlight in your curriculum vitae, you can tailor your work history descriptions to present your experience in the best light. DevOps is a relatively new field and essentially combines the formerly separate tasks of developing new software and implementing it, as well as working with network or infrastructure changes. A DevOps engineer must have an expert understanding of computer science and a good command of several programming languages. You will be expected to work with system administrators, software developers, other IT professionals, and end users, so communication and interpersonal skills are extremely important.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your DevOps Engineer CV

The included DevOps engineer CV example shows exactly how to showcase relevant skills and areas of knowledge to impress a recruiter. You should use the professional summary section to make a quick introduction, highlighting your career achievements and completed projects. You can go into a little more detail in the work experience section, covering the main projects and aspects of each position. Because DevOps is such a new field, some employers may not have a firm grasp of the skills required. Use your CV to show both your computer-related technical abilities and your talent for collaborating with other IT personnel. Tailor the skills section to indicate your proficiency in programming languages, and balance it out by mentioning your ability to communicate complex information to a variety of people in an understandable way.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

The DevOps engineer CV example shows the importance of following standard writing guidelines to ensure readability and eliminate errors. Here are some helpful tips for your CV:

  • Follow accepted conventions for writing numbers. Write out numbers nine and below, and use numerals for larger numbers. When you have a mix of numbers above and below 10 in the same sentence, it's best to use numerals exclusively.
  • Use reverse chronological order for your work history and educational information. Start with the most recent information and then work backwards. Most CVs don't include detailed work history information from more than 10 years ago.
  • Personalize your CV by including your hobbies and interests, as well as a personal photo if desired. Be sure to avoid uncomfortable topics such as politics and reasons you left your previous jobs.
  • Format your CV to A4 paper size and make sure that a PDF version doesn't have page breaks that leave a single line of a paragraph alone on a page.
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