Dental Assistant CV Example

You can separate yourself from the others in the job applicant pool by creating a strong curriculum vitae. With the dental assistant CV example and writing guide included here, you have all the tools to create a document that stands out in the eyes of human resource managers. You’ll notice that it offers examples of where to list your work history, along with your skills and special interests. This is done in such a way as to allow you to include all necessary information while still retaining a hiring manager's interest throughout the document.

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Paula Popovich

9999 Lighthouse Way, New Haven, Connecticut 11111

T: 555-555-5555

E: popovich@digitalmail

Professional Summary

I am a certified dental assistant new to the area and looking for a practice where I can ply my trade. I’ve worked in the dental industry for eight years, the past three of which have been as a dental assistant. I’m able to develop an excellent rapport with both providers and patients alike. I work well as a member of a team and have a strong eye for detail, and I’m comfortable sitting and working in a confined space for extended periods of time. I work especially well with children, helping to calm theirs as well as their parents’ concerns. I’m also adept at handling all of the clerical tasks that come with my position.

Work Experience
Dental Assistant
2013 – 2016

  • Served as one of four dental assistants alongside two providers in small family dental practice.
  • Prepared dental patients for checkups, cleanings, x-rays and special procedures.
  • Assisted clinic’s dentists with over 150 procedures and treatments.

Office Clerk
2008 – 2011

  • Greeted patients as they arrived at dental clinic.
  • Handled a bulk of the clinic’s administrative tasks, including appointment scheduling, timekeeping, vendor visits and supply ordering.
  • Processed and stored patient records and prepared claims to be submitted to insurance companies.

Certified Nurse Assistant
2006 – 2008

  • Assisted elderly patients at a local skilled nursing facility.
  • Helped the nutritional staff to prepare and deliver meals, and the facility’s nurses to help administer medications to residents.
  • Contributed several ideas to resident safety initiative that helped to reduce facility’s accident rate by over 30%.

Education and Training
CODA Certified Dental Assistant Degree

Hometown Applied Technical College

Completed practicum training program with high marks. Graduated in top five percent of class.

Certified Nurse Assistant Certification

Helpers Nursing School

Worked in both nursing home and hospital environment during clinical training. Became familiar with standard patient care techniques.


  • Well-acquainted with treatment protocols for multiple dental procedures
  • Able to communicate effectively with providers during treatments
  • Familiar with using dental tools and equipment
  • Understand front office concepts such as billing and insurance claim submissions
  • Skilled at getting patients to feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair
Hobbies and Interests

Former high school volleyball player who still participates in competitive leagues and tournaments. Enjoy cooking and taking culinary classes offered at local food and wine shows and expositions. Fan of show tunes and the theater.

Tips for Writing Your Dental Assistant CV

Dental Assistant Overview

Writing an effective employment document like the dental assistant CV example shown here requires that you have a strong understanding of the roles and responsibilities that come with this job. Your past experience has likely taught you many things already, yet you should always be open and prepared to learning new things when seeking a different job. In general, dental assistants perform those patient care tasks that do not require the direct supervision of a dentist or other provider. These can include prepping a patient for treatment or x-rays, preparing instruments trays, collecting information on a patient’s dental history, and providing explanations of the treatments being rendered. They also sit in on dental procedures, offering support to providers as needed. Dental assistant are also often asked to update patient treatment records once services have been provided.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Dental Assistant CV

When researching your CV, prospective employers want to know right away whether or not your skill set matches that of the position they are hiring for. That’s why you’ll notice that in the dental assistant CV example provided here, bullet points are used to highlight your skills and knowledge so that readers don’t have to go searching for that information. First and foremost, dental clinic managers want to know if you’re appropriately licensed, so including your certification information is a basic requirement. As you’ll often be the primary point of contact with patients, you should also list your people skills and how you are able to communicate complex dental terms in a way that both helps patients to understand the treatment they’re receiving and puts their minds at ease regarding it. An understanding of the patient claims process is also helpful knowledge to have for this position.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Consult the dental assistant CV example that’s been provided here for any questions you have regarding the structure, style and length of your document. While this offers the details on how to structure your CV, you’ll have to optimize the information that it includes to truly make it effective. Consider, then, these tips as you edit your CV:

  • Don’t feel as though you need to explain why you left previous positions. Employers care more about why you’re interested in working for them.
  • Don’t go back more than 10 years when listing your work experience.
  • Don’t forget to proofread your CV to check for grammatical errors.
  • Don’t include images or special fonts, as these can hinder a search engine’s ability to read your document.
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