Delivery Driver CV Example

If you want to get ahead in your search for a new, lucrative job, it’s vital to have a CV that gets you noticed by a recruiter. Doing this can be tough without help, so try to utilize a well-written sample like the delivery driver CV example below. In the example, learn about a well-written professional summary, a detailed experience section, a strong education section and other key essentials to give your CV an advantage over the rest in the hiring manager’s pile for review.

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Antonio Dominic

941 Sousse Road, Essex, NJ 11111

T: 555-682-0377


Professional Summary

Responsible delivery driver with 15 years of professional driving without any accidents or traffic citations. Excellent navigating ability and commitment to delivering items on time and in top condition. Outgoing and friendly personality that has customers along my route looking forward to my routine visits. Strong sense of integrity and honesty when reporting problems with the vehicle or payments. Resourceful problem-solver who can conquer simple roadblocks like flat tires or loose spark plugs.

Work Experience
Delivery Driver
March 2013 – present

  • Delivered products to customers on-site and collected payment before unloading items into warehouses, retail stores and other places of business.
  • Maintained a solid safety record while driving with no accidents, moving violations or driver complaints during the three years of working at the organization.
  • Traveled through various traffic and weather conditions and unfamiliar towns and places while consistently delivering products on time.

Delivery Driver
November 2007 – March 2013

  • Ensured inventory accuracy before leaving for delivery route each morning by reviewing contents and cross checking list with truck load.
  • Kept up a clean and operational vehicle during the nearly five years of employment by performing recommended routine maintenance, such as oil changes, fluid refills and tire rotations.
  • Provided top, friendly customer service when delivering products and taking payment from customers each day.

Route Driver
April 2001 – November 2007

  • Performed a set delivery route each day by supplying customers with food service products for daily business operations.
  • Logged all vehicle trips, delivery stops and maintenance appointments in a computerized vehicle record system.
  • Checked in with management when encountering problems along route, such as accidents or slow traffic conditions.

Education and Training
Route Driver Certification

National Automotive Merchandising Association

High School Diploma

Dunbar High School
Edison, New Jersey


  • Commitment to safety to all who share the road with me and to all applicable traffic regulations.
  • Excellent vision and ability to see peripherally, giving me a clear view of everything and everyone on the road.
  • Spatially aware of landmarks and important highways allowing me to find my way around new driving routes and places.
  • Top skills in motor vehicle operation with a clean and consistent driving record.
  • Ability to repeatedly lift and unload items up to 50 pounds in weight.
  • Quick reaction time when confronted with challenging driving conditions or surprises on the road.
Hobbies and Interests

Fitness and weightlifting hobby. I am at the gym five times a week working on building strength with weightlifting and increasing my physical fitness. Motorcycle club member. I am part of a local motorcycle riding club, which allows me to take my Harley Davidson out for a spin. I also enjoy reading mystery and thriller novels when the weather is too cold or rainy for motorcycles.

Tips for Writing Your Delivery Driver CV

Delivery Driver Overview

The delivery driver’s scope of work involves lots of time out on the road and customer interaction. In the delivery driver CV example, potential drivers can get a taste of what a typical week looks like in this position. Delivery drivers spend many hours driving to destinations that may be hard to find. Then, they must unload products into the customer’s storage area. Many delivery drivers are also responsible for settling the customer’s bill before unpacking items. Delivery drivers must also be focused on maintaining their vehicle in top running condition. If problems arise, they must be prepared to come up with solutions that get them back on the road.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Delivery Driver CV

As you brainstorm possible things to put on your CV, be sure to employ the help of the delivery driver CV example for best results. Employers are looking for a certain set of skills and knowledge in their driver candidates. You must be a capable driver without a history of accidents or too many moving violations. Mention your clean driving record in your CV to address this. You must also have experience working with the public because of the driver’s interactions with the company’s customers. In your CV, you can give some examples of your commitment to personable service. Finally, you must also use your skills section to show you’re physically capable of driving long distances and lifting heavy items over a long period of time.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

As you finish up your CV, make sure you do a final glance at the delivery driver CV example to spot anything important you may have missed. Here are some other important components of a quality CV:

  • Your professional summary should be a succinct overview of your attributes that proves your skill for the related job posting.
  • List your most recent work experiences from the past 10 years in reverse chronological order to keep it organized.
  • Mention any special certifications you have earned that are required or desired within your industry in the education section.
  • Don’t forget to carefully review and proofread your CV to avoid potentially disqualifying errors.
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