Customer Service CV Example

The presentation of your curriculum vitae is your first chance at demonstrating your knowledge, skills, and qualifications for a job. By highlighting your best skills and listing your greatest career accomplishments, you can effectively tell hiring professionals why you are the most fit candidate. Our customer service CV example and accompanying tips are an excellent resource to reference to help you organize your content to be visually stunning like the sample shown. With a well-written document filled with informative content, your confidence will shine and you can have a winning chance at getting that first interview.

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Ernest Black

444 Crescent Road, Seattle, Washington, 11111

T: 555-555-5555

E: ernblack@fastmail

Professional Summary

I am a patient, friendly, and personable customer service professional with nearly 10 years of experience helping consumers better understand products and services. I am passionate about listening and understanding, which enables me to intervene, communicate, and respond appropriately to the needs and requests of customers. I have an uncanny ability to deal with confrontation and dissatisfied people and to help them reach a solution that is beneficial without compromising the integrity or success of the organization. I am devoted to providing customers with insightful information to help them make better decisions about their purchases. I strive to build brand awareness and create brand loyalty through honest and effective communication.

Work Experience
Customer Escalation Specialist
2011 to present

Manage a daily flow of 15-20 customer escalations. Work with customers to identify a root problem, create a solution, and rebuild trust in the brand. Ensure timely follow-up to confirm that concerns were addressed, solutions were delivered, and satisfaction was attained. Lead monthly trainings to educate customer service reps on how to handle escalated issues. Reduce customer escalation by nearly 10 percent.

Customer Service Manager
2009 to 2011

Oversaw a group of 14 customer service representatives. Performed weekly evaluations to determine the effectiveness of the team and identify areas for improvement. Reduced employee turnover by 5 percent on my team through incentives and regular trainings about effective customer service strategies. Managed daily responsibilities such as clearing customer requests from the email queue, responding to escalated issues, and addressing employee needs within the team.

Customer Service Rep
2008 to 2009

Responded to between 40-60 calls per day in regards to customer accounts, purchase requests, product returns, billing inquiries, and questions about product usage. Completed a series of customer service trainings to learn skills such as interpersonal communication and listening.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Communication

University of Washington

Graduated on Dean’s List


  • Competent communication skills to better work with customers and respond to their individual needs and concerns
  • Personable and enthusiastic personality to make communicating with customers a pleasant and positive experience
  • Exceptional listening skills to accurately identify customer concerns and reach a beneficial solution
  • Strong organizational and time management skills to ensure timely and effective response to customer inquiries
Hobbies and Interests

Teach a weekly ESL class at the Seattle Community Center. Volunteer as a youth counselor at the local YMCA. Passionate about rock climbing and backpacking, and plan to climb Mt. Everest in 2018. Enjoy cooking and reading.

Tips for Writing Your Customer Service CV

Customer Service Overview

As shown in our customer service CV example, effective results when dealing with customers is all about being able to listen and communicate. Often, you will encounter situations where you must be willing to listen to complaints without being subjective. Creativity is imperative to find solutions that are beneficial to the customer but clearly reflect the organization’s character while reinforcing trust in the brand. Because each request, problem, inquiry, or question you receive will be different based on the individual you are working with and his or her circumstances, it is crucial to be open-minded, adaptable, and willing to listen. Your CV is an excellent place for you to talk about how your communication skills have helped you achieve results in the past.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Customer Service CV

Customer service is about a whole lot more than talking. An effective representative will be a confident communicator, a strategic negotiator, and a trusted listener. As demonstrated in the customer service CV example, highlight such skills as interpersonal communication, listening, conflict management, creativity, and confidence in educating customers on various products and services. It is also important to talk about your organizational skills, which are critical when managing inquiries and coordinating follow-up communication. You can also discuss your willingness to learn and your ability to quickly understand new products and services. Time management, patience, and flexibility are also good skills to list.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Formatting the content in your CV the right way makes a world of difference in your presentation as shown in the customer service CV example. As you begin writing your CV, here are some helpful tips to consider along the way:

  • List dates of previous employment in reverse chronological order. By putting your most recent job at the top of the list, you can tell hiring professionals about what you are currently doing that makes you a viable candidate.
  • Don’t worry about using complete sentences in the areas where you discuss your work history. Often, short and concise statements are more effective than verbose sentences.
  • Use language you find in the job description to talk about your skills. For example, if a job description requests someone who is “positive,” include a statement like, “I am a positive person with the ability to mediate conflict in a way that is effective and fair.”
  • Quantify statements that could otherwise provide inconclusive information. Instead of saying, “helped customers,” talk about how you “updated 50-70 customer accounts in any given shift.”
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