Construction Project Manager CV Example

When you are applying for a job, the first step in the process is submitting an application packet with your cover letter and comprehensive CV. A well-written curriculum vitae highlights your unique qualifications and showcases your work experience and professional accomplishments. Use the included construction project manager CV example along with the helpful tips to craft your own strong CV. Our guide includes all the information you need to write an engaging professional summary and well-rounded work history, education, and skills sections.

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Robert Dawson

111 1st Street, Boulder, Colorado, 11111

T: 555-234-7586

E: rdawson@anymail

Professional Summary

Experienced project manager with knowledge of both residential and sustainable design practices. Exceptional customer satisfaction record with both individual and corporate clients. Detail-oriented and dedicated to meeting timeline goals and budgetary requirements. Years of design and drafting experience along with strong leadership and interpersonal skills. Extremely successful in coordinating work with several departments, and ready to oversee construction projects on a large scale.

Work Experience
Senior Project Manager, Residential Design
2013 to present

Serve as department head for all residential design work. Consult with top clients, and review and revise all residential projects as needed. Participate in conceptual meetings and oversee construction processes, including approving change orders. Present annual progress reports to investors and board of directors.

Assistant Project Manager

Sustainable Design

Worked with the senior project manager of the sustainable design branch, and provided assistance with all job responsibilities. Prepared extensive bid proposals and presented them to high-level clients. Organized joint research project with local university students to create new sustainable design standards and concepts. Prepared quarterly progress and financial reports for submission to senior executives. Conducted employee reviews annually.

Architectural Team Lead

Lead team of three entry-level architects. Participated in client meetings, organized bid proposals, reviewed draft work, and completed budget reports. Volunteered to help human resources during university recruitment efforts, including manning career fair booth and interviewing prospective new hires.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

Arizona State University

Drafting Internship

Golden Triangle Design


  • Extensive design and drafting experience, including work on sustainable and smart buildings
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to balance client requirements with budgetary restrictions and company vision statement
  • Personable with ability to motivate team members to meet quality requirements and timeline milestones while maintaining employee morale
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office tools and AutoCAD, and commitment to learn new technology quickly
Hobbies and Interests

Amateur astronomer and ham radio operator. Avid reader and participant in a local book discussion club. Enjoy running and mountain biking and have completed two marathons. Volunteer as Boy Scout troop leader and Little League soccer coach.

Tips for Writing Your Construction Project Manager CV

Construction Project Manager Overview

You can see from our construction project manager CV example that the key to a comprehensive curriculum vitae is a thorough understanding of the job and its requirements. Construction project managers act in a supervisory role throughout the planning and construction of various types of buildings. You will be expected to work with architects, designers, engineers, financial experts, and construction personnel and to facilitate cooperation between all parties to complete projects. Not only will you be involved in the planning stage, but you will actively oversee numerous departments throughout construction. You will work directly with clients to ensure the budget stays on track and change requests are implemented. As such, your construction project manager CV should cover your technical familiarity with construction as well as your organizational and leadership qualifications.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Construction Project Manager CV

The goal of your CV is to convince the hiring manager that your particular skillset and experience make you a good fit for the position. As the construction project manager CV example shows, you should focus your professional summary section on projects you have completed and include any awards or recognition you have earned. Your work experience section is a good place to list prominent clients and notable achievements in the industry. Technological competence with drafting and CAD programs is extremely important in the construction industry, so you should be sure to mention your experience with relevant programs and equipment in the skills section. A CV for a management job should also highlight your interpersonal skills and leadership experience.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

As shown in the construction project manager CV example, you should customize your curriculum vitae for your industry while also following these general writing tips:

  • Make sure your listed contact information is correct, especially the phone number and email address. If your personal email address doesn't look professional, consider making a new address to use for business email.
  • Include earned degrees and any relevant university coursework in the education section, but do not include your GPA unless you are a recent graduate. You should also leave high school information out unless it is your only education.
  • Check your CV multiple times for grammatical errors and typos. Some automated spell check programs don't catch errors related to tense or passive voice.
  • Start each bullet point with a strong, specific action word rather than using phrases such as "responsible for" and "accountable for" to describe your work experience.
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