Certified Medical Assistant CV Example

Many people dread writing a curriculum vitae, but it doesn’t have to be challenging. CVs have a specific formula, and when you uncover that formula, it is easy to fill in the information. CVs are essentially resumes with more detail. They can be useful when you’re transitioning to a new field or don’t yet have a lot of work experience. The certified medical assistant CV example on this page demonstrates how to approach this document, and we provide detailed information to help you make yours complete.

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Lisa Smith

559 Lincoln Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 11111

T: 555-676-8257

E: lsmith@anymail

Professional Summary

I have six years’ experience as a certified medical assistant in a clinical setting. I am passionate about providing exceptional care to patients, and I take thorough records and perform my duties accurately. My gregarious personality puts patients at ease before their examination, and patients often tell me my laughter is infectious. I have experience working in a wide range of specialties, including geriatric care, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatric care. In all settings, I treat the patient with respect, and I attentively listen to their questions and concerns.

Work Experience
Certified Medical Assistant

  • Recorded patients’ medical history and took vital statistics.
  • Prepared examination rooms for each patient.
  • Cleaned and sterilized instruments.
  • Explained procedures and physician instructions.

Certified Medical Assistant

  • Obtained patients’ vital statistics, height and weight.
  • Authorized drug refills and explained medications to patients.
  • Collected laboratory specimens, including blood and tissue.
  • Scheduled appointments.

Certified Medical Assistant

  • Performed routine laboratory tests.
  • Assisted physicians during examination and treatment, including removing sutures.
  • Operated electrocardiogram, x-ray machines and other equipment.
  • Kept inventory of medical and lab supplies.
  • Performed office duties, such as answering phones and filling out insurance forms.

Education and Training
Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting Services

Smith Institute
Smithville, OR

CMA (AAMA) Credential


  • Proficient in MEDITECH software
  • Service-oriented personality
  • Fully credentialed through the American Association of Medical Assistants
  • Strong oral and listening skills to receive and convey information
  • Background in medical coding
  • Able to operate EKG and x-ray machines
  • Highly detail-oriented for accurate recordkeeping
  • Able to handle specimens without contamination
Hobbies and Interests

Participate in a roller derby league. Raise service animals for those with special needs. Volunteer at local medical-related conferences. Mentor young adults interested in becoming certified medical assistants.

Tips for Writing Your Certified Medical Assistant CV

As the certified medical assistant CV example shows, those in this field work alongside doctors to provide care to patients. They often are the first and last points of contact patients have during a medical appointment. Certified medical assistants have a variety of duties that depend largely on where they work. They most often take vital signs and statistics before medical examinations and give patients needed paperwork after their appointments, such as medication prescriptions or instructions for self-care. Those in this line of work also sometimes help a physician during the examination. They may hand the physician equipment and perform tasks alongside the physician. Certified medical assistants are sometimes responsible for routine care, such as removing sutures and changing bandages, which are skills that are important to highlight in your CV.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Certified Medical Assistant CV

Those applying to be certified medical assistants should be sure to list specific skills and knowledge related to the job. Certified medical assistants need to be able to perform their duties extremely accurately to provide exceptional care. They must be detail-oriented and committed to maintaining thorough records. Those in this field also need to be personable, as patients are more likely to open up about important information when they feel they are in a welcoming environment. Patients often come to a medical appointment stressed, in pain or otherwise agitated. Certified medical assistants with calm and friendly demeanors help put these patients at ease. To work in this field, you also should have adequate knowledge about specific instruments and equipment used in the specific clinical setting. You must be able to take criticism and instruction from a supervisor or physician and confidently assert your concerns.

In addition to the certified medical assistant CV example included here, follow these guidelines to create a winning document:

  • Use a professional font no smaller than 10-point.
  • Keep your CV to one page, unless you are professional level.
  • In your work experience, use first person present tense for jobs you currently hold and past tense for jobs you no longer hold.
  • Proofread your CV, preferably reading it aloud to better catch errors.
  • List complete contact information, including your phone number and email address. You can also include a professional website or portfolio.
  • List your most relevant and important skills first, using bullet points for each one.
  • Don’t list jobs you have held over 10 years ago unless your CV would be sparse without it; if so, don’t include the dates of employment.
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