Buyer CV Example

If you don’t have a way with words and you’re dreading the writing process for that all-important job application document, your CV, don’t worry. You can use an effective sample like the buyer CV example presented below to help create something that can impress a recruiter. That way, you can get a better chance of landing a coveted interview spot with companies that are leading the industry. Simply put together detailed sections about your experience, education, skills and interests to show an employer why you’re the best pick for the position.

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Erika Meyers

8967 Walker Avenue, New York, NY 11111

T: 555-434-2195


Professional Summary

Highly-competent buyer with a strong amount of knowledge of the retail industry. Professional with more than seven years of experience in the field constantly working towards company goals and objectives. Skilled at negotiating and securing contracts that have beneficial terms. Excellent eye for merchandise quality and product suitability when choosing potential vendor suppliers. Relationship builder and effective partner to suppliers that give the company the most resources and profit potential.

Work Experience
December 2013 – present

  • Procured product line merchandise from suppliers by using customer sales information and potential upcoming trends.
  • Negotiated attractive purchasing terms for products from suppliers that helped reduce costs by four percent.
  • Oversaw the product selection process from a vendor and ensured items met company quality standards.

Retail Buyer
May 2011 – December 2013

  • Partnered with specific suppliers to get access to hard-to-find items, unique product lines and special, introductory pricing of 10 percent off.
  • Predicted future customer behavior and purchasing habits by looking at previous buying power, the potential economic setting and related data.
  • Presented new product lines to management for approval during sales presentations and planning sessions.

Assistant Buyer
August 2009 – May 2011

  • Ensured that product orders were accurate in item choices, quantity, shipping method and other aspects according to company records.
  • Settled vendor bills by making sure products were delivered sufficiently and remitted payment once confirmation of satisfaction was received.
  • Discussed potential discounts and shipping incentives with vendors when submitting new orders for merchandise.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Fordham University
New York, New York

Internship in Retail Purchasing

Macy’s of New York


  • Top negotiation skills with an ability to effectively persuade others to come to a favorable agreement for both parties.
  • Careful listener, which gives those I work with confidence about my sincerity and commitment to company goals.
  • Excellent understanding of purchasing plans, financial rates and mathematical figures related to ordering large wholesale quantities.
  • Competent decision maker, which gives me the ability to make things happen when an attractive deal is offered.
  • Detailed problem solver, so I can help navigate the typical supply and demand issues that arise in the industry.
Hobbies and Interests

Strong interest in fashion. I enjoy following all the latest trends on the runways and in high-fashion retail stores. Talented quilter. I learned how to quilt from my grandmother when I was a child, and I enjoy the calm and methodical work that comes with quilting. History buff. I like learning about historical time periods, such as the Renaissance, and read several non-fiction books about the subject.

Tips for Writing Your Buyer CV

Buyer Overview

A buyer’s line of work is primarily focused on purchasing potential products for a retail or wholesale sales environment. With the buyer CV example, job candidates can see a little preview of what types of tasks buyers are typically responsible for. Buyers work together with the company’s sales and marketing staff to make recommendations about the products to order for sale. They try to choose items that fit the buying habits of their customers or are in high demand. Another big part of a buyer’s job is negotiation. They must use their skills to get the best price on product lines to help the company make the most money.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Buyer CV

As you go through your life experiences and education, be sure to address the specific skills and knowledge required of buyers. If you’re not sure where to start, look at the buyer CV example for some inspiration. Buyers must be incredibly talented negotiators, so in your own CV give some examples of the results of your intermediary abilities. They must also have a strong level of understanding of financial transactions, so show off your top skills in mathematics. Buyers should additionally be able to spot production flaws and problems in merchandise before it’s sent out to the customer. Discuss your ability to catch items that aren’t up to your company’s quality before it’s too late.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Your greatest achievements and best talents should be outlined in your CV, just like the buyer CV example. If you need more assistance in writing, here are additional ways to make your CV more effective:

  • Keep design elements to a minimum when putting together your document. Stick with a simple format, such as black text and white paper.
  • Keep negative or controversial material out of your CV. Don’t include information about your reasons for leaving your previous positions.
  • Print out your CV before sending it electronically to make sure it doesn’t have paragraphs cut off at the top or bottom of the page.
  • Do an extensive review of your CV to ensure your document is not filled with grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Present your best information at the top of your document with a stellar professional summary designed to pull the reader in.
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