Business Development Manager CV Example

The first step when hunting for a business development manager job is to create a professional curriculum vitae. This document is designed to catch the attention of employers by describing your skills, experiences, and training in a clear and concise way. To make sure your CV is as strong as possible, you should review this writing guide and keep these writing tips in mind. Additionally, this business development manager CV example will show you what a successful CV looks like.

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Joan DeCola

569 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, California 11111

T: 555-852-4679

E: jdecola@anymail

Professional Summary

Organized and professional business development manager with long and successful career. Experienced in sales, client service, corporate statistical analysis, and marketing. By employing strategic plans and staying up to date on the market situation, I have helped smaller businesses thrive and succeed, increasing their profits and minimizing the cost of labor through efficiency improvement.

Work Experience
Business Development Manager
2010 to present

  • Ensure that continuous growth is achieved in sales, efficiency, and marketing.
  • Oversee all departments to identify areas of potential improvement and develop plans and marketing strategies to implement changes.
  • Maintain knowledge of market changes to make the most informed decisions possible.
  • Take part in interview process, providing input into which candidates are hired.

Financial Growth Advisor
2008 to 2010

  • Analyzed financial data and offered consultation for potential growth.
  • Assessed the risk of investments and aided corporate decisions to minimize loss.
  • Applied economic understanding to encourage market presence and influence.

Sales Department Head
2004 to 2008

  • Oversaw all sales representatives to determine whether quotas were being met.
  • Managed all client accounts and guaranteed strong relationships with acceptable interactions.
  • Ensured clients were satisfied and would continue their business with the company.

Education and Training
Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Marketing, 2000

University of San Diego


  • Extensive sales and marketing knowledge
  • Interpersonal communication, both written and oral, applied internally and externally
  • Management and leadership
  • Critical thinking, analysis skills, and decision-making
  • Customer and personal service
Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I enjoy reading magazines and newspapers to stay current on market trends and current events. I also practice my public speaking and pronunciation. To stay active, I enjoy tennis and jogging. I also try to travel as much as I can with my busy schedule in order to experience other cultures.

Tips for Writing Your Business Development Manager CV

Business Development Manager Overview

One of the most important aspects that your CV must cover is your understanding of the position. By reading this business development manager CV example, it is clear what this kind of professional does on a daily basis. Your CV should emphasize your knowledge of this position and show that your previous experiences have prepared you to take on these responsibilities. Business development managers are tasked with many different aspects of growing a business, from increasing profit from sales, to marketing, to improving the efficiency of the labor force. When you are writing your CV, you should have a good idea of what specific tasks you would be responsible for if hired. Because these will vary from opening to opening, your CV should be specific to each job posting.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Business Development Manager CV

As you see in this business development manager CV example, you can find opportunities to explain the relevant skills you have in all areas of your CV. You should include a section dedicated to your skills and abilities, but you can also mention them in your introduction summary and experience section. The most important skills to highlight relate to business sense, such as analytical abilities, leadership, coordination, management experience, and plan development. Additionally, you should mention some less formal qualities you have, such as strong communication skills, cooperation, customer service, or critical thinking. Finally, you can round off your CV by including some general attributes, like an attention to detail or a results-oriented mindset.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

In addition to this business development manager CV example, you should keep these writing tips in mind to make sure your CV is as effective as possible and to ensure it meets the standards of potential employers.

  • Include your work experiences in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent position.
  • Keep your summary brief. It should only be about four lines, and no more than six.
  • While your CV can include more personal information than a resume, you should not include unprofessional information, such as your religion or political views.
  • Your entire experience section should be in past tense, with the exception of your currently held position.
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