Business Analyst CV Example

Your CV serves as your introduction to prospective employers, so you want to present a strong, well-written and organized document. As a comprehensive history of your career, your CV should provide detailed and relevant information about the qualifications you would bring to a new position. There are many considerations that go into producing a successful CV, including format, visual presentation, prioritization and phrasing. Our business analyst CV example shows you how to showcase your accomplishments effectively and professionally. The accompanying advice is also valuable whether you are honing your CV or resume, or filling out an application.

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Kate Jones

123 Willow Lane, Cleveland, Ohio, 11111

T: 555-897-3467

E: kate.jones@anymail

Professional Summary

I am an experienced business analyst with a proven track record of increasing business value via information analysis. My expertise spans areas including business systems, personnel management and project planning. I am proficient at identifying, sifting and analyzing relevant data, and then leveraging it to drive improvement throughout all systems affecting operations. As a person, I am highly motivated and combine a thoroughly logical approach with a willingness to create optimal solutions.

Work Experience
Business Analyst
2008 to present

Catalyzed and implemented a data-driven approach to operational algorithms and problem solving throughout the company. Supervised the aggregation of relevant data and made recommendations based on analysis. Worked with IT and personnel departments to implement data-based operational algorithms.

Junior Analyst

Assisted senior analysts in preparing data. Sifted information for relevance and compiled reports on actionable data. Liaised with other departments and explained technical aspects of business solutions. Worked to identify problems that need data-driven solutions.

Business Intern

Performed clerical duties for business analytics department while gaining experience with the practical aspect of gathering and analyzing business data.

Education and Training
Master of Business Administration

State University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

State University

Dean’s List – 1996-2000


  • High capacity for understanding and conceptualizing large volumes of complex data in order to identify actionable information
  • Superlative performance in a high-paced environment and ability to improvise solutions when time is of the essence
  • Adept at working with others and structuring projects for maximum efficiency
  • Independent, creative, results-oriented thinker who uses all available tools to come up with the best solution
  • Confident speaker and excellent team motivator
  • Always striving to achieve further improvements and to find ways of adding value to the company
  • Constantly on the lookout for opportunities to expand professional education and skill set
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy listening to music and painting. Help run a STEM program to encourage high school girls to engage with science and math-related fields. Love animals and volunteer as a dog walker at my local shelter.

Tips for Writing Your Business Analyst CV

Business Analyst Overview

As you have seen from our business analyst CV example, your CV should demonstrate that you fully understand the requirements of a typical business analyst position. The main role of a business analyst is to apply operational and technological principles to improving various aspects of the company’s functionality. Analysts participate in strategic planning by identifying business needs and resources. They also help develop the company’s policies. Analysts are also expected to engage in optimizing workflow processes and technical systems. In addition to the necessary technical knowledge, the analyst needs to work with many people in different departments, some of who may need clear explanations of technical aspects. Thus, a successful candidate will typically demonstrate both technical and leadership skills. Your CV should emphasize your experience in all relevant areas, even when you gained it through a non-related position.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Business Analyst CV

The business analyst CV example you have just read demonstrates some effective techniques to show that you are right for the job. When writing about previous work experience, emphasize the ways in which the completion of your duties has improved your company. This is not difficult for a business analyst since this is a job that directly involves making processes at your company go better. An effective analyst needs to possess a high level of technological knowledge, a thorough understanding of business operations and market forces, as well as excellent communication skills. Highlight your ability to effectively integrate the many aspects of your occupation. As this is a position entailing a high level of responsibility, employers also want to know that your performance will remain consistently high even under a lot of pressure.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Now that you have reviewed our business analyst CV example, take a look at the following tips that can improve any CV:

  • Although a CV should include a high level of detail, there are some types of information that are better left out. Do not mention political, religious or otherwise potentially controversial affiliations unless directly relevant to the position you are applying for. Other topics to avoid include personal information such as family status or history of illness. Your CV is also not the place to tell employers your reasons for looking for a new job, although you can expect to be asked about it during your interview.
  • Include relevant achievements or honors, both academic and professional. Relevance will depend on the type of job you are seeking and how long ago you achieved that honor. Unless you are a recent graduate, leave out your GPA, but do include graduation honors such as cum laude.
  • List your strongest skills and explain how you use them to perform your job better.
  • Avoid putting down employers or colleagues. For example, if you mention solving a problem that was caused by another worker’s mistakes, frame the situation to avoid casting blame. In addition to technical proficiency, employers want to see candidates who will get along with others, not create divisions. Negativity has no place on your CV.
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