Bookkeeper CV Example

A job candidate’s main objective when submitting an application is to grab the attention of the hiring manager and land an interview. You can do this easily with a compelling CV that is focused on your strengths and talents. In the bookkeeper CV example shown below, you can benefit from looking at a sample and seeing how it’s formatted with a professional summary, a work experience section, a list of academic credentials, skills and an overview of the candidate’s interests to help you get closer to an interview.

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Brianna Finley

9989 Runnymede Drive, Cleveland, OH 11111

T: 555-948-2298


Professional Summary

Highly skilled professional bookkeeper with a decade of proven experience in the field. Excellent knowledge and background in accounting, tax code and mathematical equations. Dedication to achieving accurate and complete work and following all current industry ethical standards. Strong attention to detail and a top level of commitment to completing all accounting tasks correctly. Well-versed in a variety of computer accounting programs for maximum efficiency when working.

Work Experience
March 2013 – present

  • Reconciled financial records by ensuring all figures and calculations were accurate and properly recorded with the correct documentation.
  • Streamlined company accounting records system by inputting all payments, expenses and other financial transactions in a computer database.
  • Synthesized all financial data from the organization, such as expense reports, audits, financial statements, and accounts payable and receivable.

June 2008 – March 2013

  • Entered all invoice details from company accounts paid and received in a computerized accounting software program.
  • Answered questions from other staff members about the company’s financial health by looking up details in the accounting system.
  • Investigated possible errors or problems in the company’s financial books by checking other documentation and notifying management when necessary.

August 2006 – June 2008

  • Ensured that accurate and timely financial details were entered into the accounting software system each day.
  • Calculated specific figures and formulas related to interest, tax rate and other supplementary costs using electronic devices, such as calculators, computers and copy machines.
  • Processed documentation and payments that used bank checks, cash, credit cards and debit cards.

Education and Training
Coursework in Business Administration

Ohio University
Athens, Ohio

High School Diploma

Independence High School
Columbus, Ohio


  • Outstanding clerical speed and ability in typing, filing, transcribing and understanding specialized terminology.
  • Top reading comprehension skills, which makes me a capable reader of detailed technical documents and instructions.
  • Highly-skilled in mathematics and finance, giving me the necessary understanding to do well in this line of work.
  • Excellent communication skills when speaking or preparing written communication.
  • Strong listening ability, which ensures instructions and important conversations are given full attention and are well understood.
Hobbies and Interests

Yoga teacher and participant. I teach a weekly yoga class and spend time meditating and doing yoga stretches. Youth sports coach. I also help coach my daughter’s local soccer team in the fall. Fluent in French. I grew up in a bilingual household and speak fluent French.

Tips for Writing Your Bookkeeper CV

Bookkeeper Overview

In the bookkeeper CV example, those who strive to land a job in this role can get a clearer sense of all that a bookkeeper does. Bookkeepers work with businesses and help them maintain their financial accounting systems. In most situations, bookkeepers use computer software to organize and record all accounting details. Each day, the company bookkeeper must enter all financial transactions, such as company purchases, operational costs and monthly bills. They must also record all payments the company receives, such as sales, credits and other sources of positive cash flow. Throughout this system of recordkeeping, the bookkeeper aims to convey an accurate sense of the company’s finances.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Bookkeeper CV

During the job recruitment process, a hiring manager may carefully analyze your CV for specific skills and knowledge. In the bookkeeper CV example, potential candidates can see a few suggestions for top skills and areas of expertise to include in their own version of this essential document. Bookkeepers should have a solid grasp of mathematical subjects, such as arithmetic, finance and accounting, to complete the essential tasks of the job. Bookkeepers must also demonstrate strong communication and listening skills to be at their most effective. Accuracy and attention to detail are also top skills employers may look for. Follow the format of the sample CV and include these vital skills and areas of expertise in your work history and skills section.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

As you get ready to write your own detailed professional history, check the bookkeeper CV example to ensure you understand your task. Here are the top ways to help you get started on creating an amazing CV:

  • Type your CV in a standard format and use a simple font of 10-, 11- or 12-point size that doesn’t get in the way of readability.
  • The first section of your CV can be your professional summary where you present a compelling paragraph of reasons on why you should be hired.
  • Throughout your CV, feel free to use fragmented sentences in spots where it makes sense, such as your work history and your professional summary.
  • Words matter, so make sure you aren’t reusing the same verb over and over again. Instead, think of action verbs that are specific when describing your duties and accomplishments.
  • Check over your CV two or three times by reading it, printing it out and reading it again. It’s best that you get someone else to look over your CV and check for errors as well.
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