Bartender CV Example

When you apply for bartender jobs, an engaging CV can be the ticket to getting your foot in the door. In sections such as Professional Summary, Work Experience, and Interests, outline your experience and assets to hook hiring managers and give a glimpse into your personality. Keep in mind that a well-written bartender CV should use terminology specific to the profession when necessary to lend an air of authority and credibility. We have developed a bartender CV example that you may find useful as you go through the application process.

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Frances Galbreath

998 Christmas Tree Lane, Troutville, Virginia, 11111

T: 555-667-8732

E: fgalbreath@anymail

Professional Summary

I am a smart and friendly bartender who offers versatility and eight years of experience serving customers. I tend bar with a keen, intuitive awareness of what patrons need, be it space or someone to chat with. My overarching goal is to make customers feel happy and welcome at an establishment so that they will return. My credentials include an excellent memory, great organizational skills, and impeccable composure.

Work Experience

Hello There

  • Engage enthusiastically with the diverse clientele of a large and quirky bar.
  • Work with another bartender and used short-term memory to track customer orders and long-term memory to remember frequent patrons’ favorite orders.
  • Maintain a clean, attractive, and organized bar.
  • Monitor possible customer intoxication levels, cutting off alcohol and calling taxis when necessary.



  • Operated the bar alone to serve customers at a cozy, atmospheric establishment.
  • Worked with tools such as carbonated beverage dispensers, spirit measures, cocktail shakers, ice shavers, and POS terminals.
  • Increased revenue for the bar by 20 percent during shifts.

Strawberry Diner, Waitress

  • Served diners who needed food or company in the late hours of the night or in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Collected cash and credit cards for payments, and verified that customers ordering alcohol were old enough to drink.
  • Sharpened skills such as marketing, communication, and customer service.

Education and Training
Make an Unforgettable Drink Workshop

Joe’s Bartending School

How to Hook Customers

Joe’s Bartending School

Coursework in Business

Virginia Western Community College
Roanoke, Virginia


  • Near-perfect recall of return customers’ top drink orders
  • Great communicator; easygoing and pleasant manner
  • Curiosity and a love of experimentation with different drinks
  • Well-versed in areas such as customer service, organization, management, and money tracking
  • Experience with AZZ CardFile
  • Physical stamina to stand for long hours, to bend and climb, and to transport heavy boxes
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy knitting hats and scarves for children. Foreign-movie buff with a weak spot for French and Spanish films. Hiking enthusiast.

Tips for Writing Your Bartender CV

Bartender Overview

As you begin writing a bartender CV, tailor the information you include to specific positions. For example, if a job posting emphasizes a customer-service orientation, you can focus more on skills relevant to that aspect of the job. As a bartender, you will likely be expected to work with a wide range of clientele, preparing and serving drinks, checking IDs to verify customers' ages, and handling cash and credit. In general, employers of bartenders want to see candidates who have a good memory, who manage stress well, who communicate well with a wide range of people, and who have great mathematical abilities.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Bartender CV

The bartender CV example illustrates different ways that you can list your assets. The Professional Summary section, for instance, allows you to succinctly demonstrate your years of experience, the top skills asked about in a job posting, and anything that makes you stand out. You should also outline your assets in sections such as Work Experience and Skills; do take care to avoid repeating the same language. Present information from a different angle; this CV example used the metric of increasing revenue by 20 percent to showcase how the candidate’s many skills come together.

It is important to add hard skills along with soft skills such as communication and friendliness. In bartending, hard skills may be specific software programs, bilingualism, and the ability to handle money and do quick mathematical calculations.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

The list of tips below can help you write any type of CV; keep it in mind as you review the bartender CV example and other examples.

  • Include interests in the appropriate section, but ensure that what you write would not offend anyone. Topics to stay away from include religion and politics.
  • Diversify your verbs; examples include, “served,” “managed,” “worked with,” “collaborated with,” and “performed.”
  • Avoid touching on the reasons that you left previous jobs. Stick to describing what you did there in a way that intrigues hiring managers.
  • Use a specific phone number only once in the contact information section. In other words, do not duplicate your home and mobile number. It is better to go with only a mobile number rather than only a home number.
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