Assistant Manager CV Example

With the explosion of the internet, more job candidates are emailing their qualifications to hiring managers and flooding their inboxes. Now, employers have to sift through hundreds of documents to find exactly what they’re looking for in a candidate. Make it easier on them by creating a stellar CV that details your top talents and qualifications. Use a sample, such as the assistant manager CV example below, to help your next hiring manager realize your potential and improve your chances of getting an interview.

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Dylan Wright

1126 Redfern Way, Richmond, VA 11111

T: 555-177-6523


Professional Summary

Customer-service oriented individual with eight years of experience as an assistant manager in the retail environment. Outstanding ability to bring people together and motivate them to their full potential. Commitment to creative strategies that help boost sales and employee productivity. Excellent ability to manage a system of inventory and maintain high standards of product quality and service. Dynamic team player who is ready to bring my talents to a new setting.

Work Experience
Assistant Manager
October 2012 – present

  • Enhanced the customer experience when entering and walking through the store by focusing on sincere greetings, productive conversations and active listening.
  • Mentored a team of 12 sales associates in delivering top customer service, ringing up products and organizing store inventory.
  • Evaluated daily sales receipts and analyzed hourly trends to check if the sales team met or exceeded specific volume goals.

Assistant Manager
July 2010 – October 2012

  • Increased the volume of sales transactions by 17 percent during my first three months as an assistant manager.
  • Restructured a sales associate schedule to allow for better use of manpower throughout the busy times of the shift.
  • Oversaw inventory and product merchandising displays to ensure each setup met company guidelines.

Assistant Manager
June 2008 – July 2010

  • Monitored inventory stock levels for specific products and evaluated sales trends when making ordering decisions for the future.
  • Hired new employees throughout the year and improved the new hire retention percentage by 24 percent.
  • Supervised transactions that involved product returns and investigated possible reasons for the return to help retain customers.

Education and Training
Coursework in Communications

James Madison University
Harrisonburg, Virginia

High School Diploma

Howard High School
Richmond, Virginia


  • Strong customer service skills and dedication to maintaining a focus on the guest’s experience during all transactions.
  • Excellent ability to make sales and understanding of marketing and promotional concepts in the retail setting.
  • Outstanding capabilities with managing a team of diverse individuals and maintaining positive attitudes and keeping them engaged in their work.
  • Top skills in written and oral communication, which helps customers and team members know exactly what my message is.
  • Talented at managing many different projects at once and skilled with time management for store employees and my own task completion.
Hobbies and Interests

Photographer of portraits and people. In my time off, I take pictures of people for special occasions, like parties and weddings. Pilot’s license holder. I have held a pilot’s license for small aircraft for many years and practice my skills every few weeks. Travel and couch-surfing host. I am a regular couch-surfing host and enjoy opening up my home and meeting new people from around the world.

Tips for Writing Your Assistant Manager CV

Assistant Manager Overview

The assistant manager CV example is a well-written model of some of the main points of this type of job. Assistant managers are most often found in the retail sales environment. Their goal is to provide support to the main management staff and help keep a team of sales associates working to company standards. They may be involved in hiring, scheduling and evaluating employees and must make decisions about how to best use each person’s talents. They are also part of the team responsible for meeting specific sales’ goals and must work to increase or maintain their store’s performance in the retail market.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Assistant Manager CV

To help push your job application through to the interview stage, use the assistant manager CV example to learn about the top skills and knowledge for this job. An assistant manager is most concerned with delivering top customer service and motivating his or her employees to also provide great service to customers. Mentioning this understanding in your CV is a good way to show your commitment to this principle. Assistant managers also manage personnel effectively and routinely schedule, hire, terminate and supervise a team of workers. Give some information about your managing experience in your CV. Employers may also want to see evidence of strong communication skills and your ability to generate sales.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

While the assistant manager CV example is helpful to get you started to write your CV, there are additional tips to keep it focused on grabbing the reader’s attention. Here are other things to keep in mind:

  • Let your abilities and top talents be featured in your professional summary, which is the first moment where you can start to impress an employer.
  • Detail your past work history using engaging and clear verbs to give the hiring manager a better view of how you’ve worked before.
  • It’s okay to make a separate list of your skills within your CV to include computer knowledge and other soft skills that are in demand.
  • Make sure your CV doesn’t go longer than a page or two, depending on your history of professional experience and qualifications.
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