Accounts Payable Clerk CV Example

Getting the perfect job can sometimes be more difficult in today’s digital world because of the increase in job applications submitted through the internet. You can get a hiring manager’s attention as he or she sifts through all the documents if you focus your energy on crafting an excellent CV. With a model like the accounts payable clerk CV example that is shown here and other helpful tips, you can design and create a great CV that addresses all of the work experience, qualifications, skills and necessary talents that hiring managers are looking for.

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Jennifer Flanagan

907 Wellington Avenue, Newark, NJ 11111

T: 555-560-4211

E: jflanagan@anymail

Professional Summary

Detail-obsessed accounts payable clerk with more than 13 years of experience in accounting. Excellent and thorough abilities in reconciling invoices and discussing accounts with vendors. Self-directed and motivated individual who works on company goals with methodical attention to detail. Dedication to providing an accurate and timely representation of the company’s financial information. Strength working with a variety of accounting software programs.

Work Experience
Accounts Payable Clerk
March 2010 – present

  • Record individual payments and process transactions with checks, cash or credit cards in the company’s accounting software system.
  • Review account statements and invoices for services and products received, and submit payment when approval from management was secured.
  • Enter payment details in the accounting system to help balance company financial bank accounts.

Accounts Payable Clerk
June 2009 – March 2010

  • Submitted timely payments to vendors via check, cash or credit card through the mail or via an electronic payment system.
  • Ensured that revolving monthly bills, such as rent, utilities and loan payments, were paid on time and accurately.
  • Identified invoice sheets and made sure products and services were received and were satisfactory before going through with final payment.

Accounts Payable Clerk
April 2003 – June 2009

  • Created purchase order documents for large supply orders to vendors when requested by office staff.
  • Logged information about payments and accounts payable into the central accounting system server.
  • Reviewed entries in the system and compared them to printed documents to ensure that accurate figures and details were entered.

Education and Training
Coursework in Economics

Rutgers University
New Brunswick, New Jersey

High School Diploma

Albright High School
Trenton, New Jersey


  • Impressive math skills with strong abilities in arithmetic, calculations, financial figures and accounting statistics
  • Experience with a variety of software programs for accounting, such as QuickBooks and Sage 50
  • Excellent active listener, taking notes and asking questions when appropriate to ensure a high level of understanding for all instructions
  • Outstanding speaking and writing skills, which is helpful when getting more information about vendor invoices on the phone or through email
  • Detail-oriented reader and highly capable at reading comprehension when reviewing accounting and invoice documents
Hobbies and Interests

Volunteer at the regional homeless shelter. I work a few hours per week at the city’s homeless shelter, preparing meals and organizing donations to the center. Fitness jogger. Every morning, I run a few miles around the trails in my neighborhood to keep a fit body. Yoga participant. I take yoga classes twice a week to help maintain the proper balance between mind and body.

Tips for Writing Your Accounts Payable Clerk CV

Accounts Payable Clerk Overview

Those who take the time to read over the accounts payable clerk CV example can learn more about what this job involves. The accounts payable clerk is responsible for reviewing and settling bills and invoices in a company’s financial ledgers. He or she may be required to investigate various invoices and make sure the company received what they were supposed to. These accounting clerks may also spend time discussing company account details with vendors on the phone or through electronic communication. Finally, accounts payable clerks process and submit corporate payments on behalf of their companies and record that information into the accounting software.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Accounts Payable Clerk CV

The main skills and knowledge that an employer is looking for in an accounts payable clerk have to do with financial literacy. In the accounts payable clerk CV example, potential clerks can get an idea of what some of these detailed skills may be. Your skills in mathematics are essential to be able to perform this job at a high level, so you’ll need to address this in your CV. A stellar CV for this job must also give examples of some of the computer programs the candidate has experience working with that are primarily used for accounting. While a college degree is not usually a requirement for this job, some advanced training or coursework in accounting could be helpful in your CV listing. Finally, you may want to detail your ability to communicate as this is a typical requirement of this job.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

The best way you can get your CV to be the one that’s picked for an interview is to use samples for help, such as the accounts payable clerk CV example. Here are some other ways you can get your qualifications noticed:

  • Make sure your document doesn’t go overboard in the design, look and layout. Plain black text is the standard look for a CV.
  • Discuss the specifics of your coursework if you are a recent graduate, and include things such as GPA since experience may not be as lengthy.
  • Focus on giving examples of your capabilities in your experience section and use real numbers whenever you can.
  • Don’t forget to do a final review of your CV to catch overlooked mistakes or formatting problems before you send it out into the world.
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