Accounting Assistant CV Example

Landing the accounting career you want starts with making the right impression with hiring managers before you arrive for the interview. In this competitive labor market, you need to stand out more than ever. We have put together this accounting assistant CV example to help you improve the effectiveness of your CV and amplify your appeal to employers. With these tips, you can compose a document that garners the attention of employers and reflects your professional achievements and qualifications efficiently.

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Ahmed Shahin

677 North Ave, Baltimore, MD 11111

T: (555) 924-0212


Professional Summary

Recent B.A. in Mathematics graduate with honors seeking fulltime, entry-level accounting position specializing in digital data logging. Computer savvy with coding experience. Fluent in spreadsheet software, algorithms and statistics. Tutored high school students in mathematics and SAT prep. Accounting assistant internship at DevCorp, over 350 hours of on-the-job training. Detail-oriented, driven and dedicated problem solver. Personable and committed team player with leadership potential.

Work Experience
Accounting Intern

  • Compile and record numerical data and in-house finances under senior accountant oversight.
  • Perform data entry and spreadsheet maintenance, developing strong computational skills.
  • Record minutes during weekly accountant meetings, exposed to high-order financial analysis and decision-making processes.

SAT Prep and Mathematics Tutor

  • Provided one-on-one peer tutoring in algebra, trigonometry and calculus, developing interpersonal communication abilities.
  • Led private and small group SAT prep courses for sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school, specializing in mathematics.


  • Facilitated financial transactions with customer, including purchases and returns.
  • Offered information about products and conducted inventory reports.

Education and Training
B.A. in Mathematics - cum laude

University of Maryland

SAT Tutor Certificate

College Board


  • Proficiency in database software, including Excel, Quick Books and more
  • Active listener and reader, extracting all the necessary information
  • Excellent time management developed during SAT prep experience while managing school and work
  • Strong background in mathematics from both schooling and personal interests
  • Organization and accountability from stock inventory during cashier position
  • Fluent in English and Arabic from living in bi-lingual home
Hobbies and Interests

I have been an avid coder for most of my adult life, having developed my first website at age 15. Mathematics, algorithms and formulas have always interested me, and I am constantly looking for ways to hone my abilities. While in college, I was active in numerous organizations, including the Chess Club and Gamer’s Community, and frequently volunteered with the campus fund drives.

Tips for Writing Your Accounting Assistant CV

Accounting Assistant Overview

As you look over the accounting assistant CV example, take the time to familiarize yourself with tasks and responsibilities involved with the job. In general, accounting assistants are asked to compile, classify and enter numerical information into databases. Working with the accounting team, you will be required to track spending patterns and manage the in-house budget.

Additionally, accounting assistants track transactions between clients and business-to-business dealings, and properly log and file the records. Finally, you’ll be expected to spot check for accuracy and flag potential inconsistencies within databases. Unlike senior accountants, accounting assistants focus more on computation and data entry, rather than financial analysis.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Accounting Assistant CV

Knowing the skills to include in your CV is important to the overall composition of your document. As shown in the accounting assistant CV example, the jobseeker frequently includes abilities and experience that speak to the job at hand. For accounting assistants, this means drawing attention to your organizational and computational skills. Emphasize your attention to detail and ability to work with digital data entry.

In most cases, some amount of postsecondary education is required, such as an associate or bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as mathematics or economics. Finally, as you will likely work with a team of accountants, demonstrate that you work well with others, can take direction and assume leadership positions when called upon. Though you should not exaggerate your abilities, do not shy away from your strengths.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Now that you’ve had time to review the accounting assistant CV example we’ve provided, focus on these final few pointers as you go on to write your curriculum vitae:

  • Keep your CV as current as possible. If you’ve held many jobs, then include only the most recent ones. Avoid any employment or education history that is over 10 years old, unless your experience is limited.
  • Be brief in your explanations of past employment. No need to go into detail about your daily routine; instead, focus on your accomplishments and leadership roles. Additionally, do not include information about your departure from previous jobs.
  • Be vigilant in proofreading. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors reflect poorly on you. Take the extra time to ensure an error-free CV.
  • Use specific metrics when possible. Hard numbers and quantifiable measures are an easy and efficient way for employers to evaluate your qualifications. They are also an excellent way to keep your CV concise.
  • Stay professional. Though you’ll be tempted to make a personal connection with the hiring manager, you’ll want to avoid any allusions to religious or political views. However, there is some room for a personal touch in your professional summary.
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