Account Manager CV Example

The first step toward getting the attention of employers is creating a strong CV. When written effectively, your CV will emphasize your skills, experiences and what makes you the best candidate for the account manager position. The following account manager CV example, writing guide and tips all make it much easier to create a successful CV that will give the right impression to employers so you can always put your best foot forward.

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Gary Harrison

892 Harbor Street, Los Angeles, California, 11111

T: 555-568-8463

E: gharrison@anymail

Professional Summary

I am an organized account manager that prioritizes interpersonal communication in my work. I have overseen numerous accounts across three major marketing firms, consistently ensuring client satisfaction for more than 10 years. As a candidate who combines a commitment to efficiency and a hardworking and loyal work ethic, I have been successfully building client relationships throughout my long career.

Work Experience
Account Manager
2012 to present

Interact with longtime clients on a daily basis, fulfilling their requests and guaranteeing that they are getting the service they have come to expect. Oversee the entire sales department, finding areas that can be improved and assembling plans for efficiency to be increased. Over my four years in this position, I have streamlined sales procedures, resulting in three fewer working hours per sale on average.

Sales Manager
2007 to 2012

Tasked with ensuring all sales representatives were employing the company standard practices and correctly representing our business. Involved with the hiring process, leading interviews with potential new employees in the sales department and offering advice on which candidates show the most promise.

Sales Representative
2005 to 2007

Interacted with potential clients, aiming to make sales and establish longtime relationship with new clients. Employed both telephone and in-person sales, occasionally leaving on sales trips. Prioritized a personal approach to gaining the trust and respect of clients.

Education and Training
Master of Marketing - 2010
Bachelor of Communication - 2008

University of California
Los Angeles

Sales Internship

Jefferson Marketing


  • Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities to handle multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Interpersonal communication skills with both clients, potential customers and employees
  • Friendly and personable interactions with everyone
  • Analysis of sales data and able to recognize patterns and ways of improving
  • Technological native
Hobbies and Interests

Like to stay well-read and practice creative writing occasionally. Have several editorials and columns that I read each week, as well as a few series of novels. Practice speech regularly and read up on public speaking techniques and practices.

Tips for Writing Your Account Manager CV

Account Manager Overview

It is important that you communicate in your CV that you have a firm understanding of the account manager job. In this account manager CV example, it is clear what responsibilities the candidate is anticipating and ready to tackle. Account managers are essentially the link between a company and its clients. Whether you are making sales or ensuring satisfaction, it is up to you to guarantee the client stays on good terms and continues to do business with the company you work for. Occasionally, account managers are in the management field, where lower employees are responsible for minor aspects, while the account manager oversees the entire account and any major interactions.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Account Manager CV

As this account manager CV example demonstrates, the skills and knowledge relevant to this kind of work should be evident throughout your CV. There are opportunities to acknowledge these attributes in your summary, list of experiences and skills, and even your education section. You should make brief mentions of the more rudimentary skills required, such as computer familiarity, and focus on more specific skill. Go into depth about aspects such as your communication skills, cooperation and teamwork, and especially analytics, sales, marketing, and management skills. After reading your CV, there should be no doubt in employers’ minds that you are qualified to be an account manager.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

In addition to this account manager CV example, keep these simple writing tips in mind to ensure that your CV is as strong as possible.

  • Focus on your experience section. The information included here is the most important and employers will be most interested in it. This section should be the longest and include many action verbs.
  • While your summary is only an overview, it should serve to catch the attention of readers and coax them into reading further, so they will get to the meatier sections of your CV.
  • Start your work experience section with your most recent job, then list them in reverse chronological order.
  • Using specific metrics and numbers lends credibility and power to your CV. You can point out how you have improved efficiency or saved your previous employers money.
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