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As manufacturing centers return to the US from overseas and online retailers look for better and faster ways to manage inventory, shipping, and order fulfillment, warehouse jobs are becoming a job market hot spot. These jobs aren’t for everyone, and if you can only picture yourself in a tidy office, then there’s no need to read any further. But if you’re interested in a job that can lead to a respectable salary and benefits with relatively little training, here are a few resume tips that can help set you apart from a growing field of competition:

1. Be honest about your background. Not all applicants for warehouse jobs have substantial warehouse experience. And for most employers, this is by no means a deal-breaker. State your motives, describe your job history, and explain that warehouse work is a logical next move for you. Show that you aren’t afraid to work hard and learn quickly.

2. Emphasize your organizational skills and your attention to detail. If you can’t rest until a job is done, and you have a passion for order, rules, and logic, your warehouse hiring managers will want to hear about this. 

3. Show that you take the job seriously. If this job involves food, for example, make it clear that you understand the basic rules and most critical requirements of food handling, storage, rotation, and safety.

4. Prove that you’re a skilled communicator. Warehouse workers require a strong work ethic, a sense of responsibility, and a high level of problem solving skill. But even more than any of these, warehouse workers need a sense of teamwork, and they need to be able to communicate well with others, both in spoken and written formats. Use your resume to show—not just tell—your employers that you can write and speak clearly.

5. Training matters. Make it clear that you’re willing to complete the necessary training for the position if you don’t have it already. Operating a forklift isn’t something most people are qualified to do, but many warehouse employers don’t mind hiring first and then training new employees on the job. Show that you’re interested in this and eager to learn the skills that can help you succeed.

6. Focus on skills that you’ll need in the warehouse. If you’re an experienced job seeker, emphasize your tech skills and list the warehouse management software platforms you’ve used in the past. Describe your experience with hand held tablets, POS systems, or warehouse databases.

7. Show respect to your readersand make it clear that you equate your own personal success with the success of your employer. Warehouse hiring managers are looking for employees who will take the job seriously and do whatever it takes to help the company thrive. Hiring is expensive, and so is training. So when they bring a new employee on board, they ideally want the person to stay for a while and grow with the organization.

An Effective Resume Can Open the Door to a New Career

If you’ve worked in this field for years, or if you’ve never set foot a warehouse but you’re willing to learn fast and work hard, a warehouse job can help you step into a stable new chapter of your professional life. Don’t let myths or misconceptions close you out of a promising opportunity. Visit LiveCareer for templates and tools that can help you create a great resume and take the first step. 

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