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As manufacturing and distribution centers move back from overseas and businesses bounce back from the recession and start investing in expansion, a growing number of warehouse and materials handling jobs are opening up all over the United States. Some job seekers have built their careers in this field and know exactly what these positions involve, but many others are considering warehouse positions for the first time.

And they’re smart to do so. Warehouse positions can offer regular hours, comprehensive insurance benefits, and surprisingly high compensation. Many of them require only a few months (or even weeks) of employer-sponsored training, and modern warehouse environments are usually clean, safe, and positive places to work. If this career move sounds right for you, here are a few cover letter tips to keep in mind as you move forward. 

1. Keep your message clear, brief, and straightforward.

Warehouse jobs are becoming increasingly competitive, so your target hiring managers may have a huge list of applicants to sort through. Make sure your resume summary contains the primary points of your entire message, and keep your cover letter short and to the point. 

2. Emphasize your flexibility and positive attitude.

If you’re ready to work full time or accept a flexible part-time schedule, make this clear. In this field, complex scheduling is one of the greatest staffing challenges that hiring managers face. If you can come in during weekends, work night shifts, or handle unexpected overtime, your employers will want to know this.  And if you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and engage in serious teamwork, this will also be something that your readers will want to hear.

3. Emphasize your relevant experience.

And keep in mind that any experience will be relevant if you can draw clear links between what you learned during your previous job and how you expect to apply these lessons to the warehouse floor.

Almost every position—including this one—will require a strong work ethic, attention to detail, independent problem solving skill, and a willingness to take on responsibilities that might lie outside of your job description. If you’ve handled these challenges in the past, let your potential employers know.

4. Explain what you can bring to this job that no other applicant can.

Once you’ve completed a first paragraph that states the job you’re looking for and how you found out about it, use your second paragraph to explain what you can offer these employers. Discuss how you—specifically—have what it takes to help this company meet its goals.

Call upon three resources: your work history, your personality, and a few quick minutes of research that can help you understand what this company might be looking for a warehouse employee. Visit the website and learn whatever you can about the company’s unique culture and mission.

5. Keep a close eye on formatting issues.

Your resume and cover letter should be beautifully laid out and each section should be clear and easy to find. Don’t force employers to search too long and hard before they find the information they need. For help, turn to LiveCareer. The site offers formatting and presentation tools that can keep your resume and cover letter in line with professional standards. 

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