How to Write a Transportation Cover Letter

How to Write a Transportation Cover Letter

If you’re looking to get a job in transportation as a bus driver, trucker or other transportation professional, you’ll need to include a cover letter with your application. The cover letter should highlight your relevant experience, as well as your safe driving record. For some positions like long-haul trucker, you’ll also want to show your ability to work well under solitary conditions, over long stretches of time. Here are some tips on writing your transportation cover letter.



Start Strong


In the age of the internet, the human mind wanders quite fast, and it's not uncommon for hiring managers to skim cover letters to see if the applicant has anything important to say. Most jobs today have many applicants and anyone who must hire applicants for a job must weed through hundreds or even thousands of applications. A cover letter that starts with a bang will draw the reader's attention.


Create a Simple List


A short, indented list of qualifications draws the reader's eye to the important meat of the cover letter. When you write a transportation cover letter, you'll want to include a few details of your experience, but you'll need to make sure you don't go overboard with your skills. That's the purpose of a resume. A cover letter is simply a brief recitation on your skills and needs to grab the attention of the reader.


Items you may want to highlight regarding experience include the different vehicles you're trained to operate, the safety of your driving record, and your knowledge of safe driving techniques.


Don't Write a Lengthy Novel


An introductory paragraph, a concise description of relevant skills, and a simple anecdote from your experience are all you need to include in a cover letter.Leaving some white space on the page isn't a bad thing. It's fine if your cover letter ends three-quarters of the way down the page. Whoever's in charge of hiring at the company will appreciate that you've not wasted his or her time with excess verbiage.



Craft a Memorable Closing


You don't need a formal closing that says, "thank you for considering my application." If you've composed your cover letter well, the hiring manager already knows that you're eager to fill the position. One or two sentences on your experience are all it should take to leave the reader with a positive impression.


It's not necessary to spend days to write a transportation cover letter. The document must be brief, functional, and informative as well as error-free and concisely written. Don't over-think your transportation cover letter and you'll easily impress your reader. Visit LiveCareer’s Cover Letter Builder to find out how fast and easy it can be to create a professional job-winning cover letter in just a matter of minutes.




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