Cover Letter Tips for Restaurant Positions

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Are you applying for a restaurant job? Then these cover letter tips will help you stand out from the crowd, no matter the position or job title.


For a social position on the dining room floor, you’ll need to emphasize your experience with customer service and professional presentation. As the public face of your employer’s business, the impression you create can make or break a customer’s dining experience. So make it clear that you understand how to handle a reservation schedule and make guests feel welcome and special.

Line Cook, Kitchen Support

For this role, employers value detail orientation and the ability to listen carefully and follow orders. Food handling is serious business. So show that you take plating, prep work, food safety, and food storage very seriously.

Head Cook, Kitchen Management

For this role, you’ll need to make two things clear: That you understand food, and you know how to manage a team. Recognize that in this position, trust is paramount, and that once you’re hired, the fate of your employer’s business will be in your hands. Lay strong emphasis on your relevant experience, and leverage the successful restaurants you’ve worked for in the past


Make one thing very clear in your cover letter for this position: You are reliable. Reliability is your most important selling feature, and you can be counted on to show up on time, every day, day after day. You can also be trusted to handle money. And once you step into this role, you plan to take it seriously and stay—you aren’t going to leave in a week, be rude to customers, or fail to show up without a phone call.

Server & Bartenders

Servers and bartenders need reliability and multitasking skill, but even more important, they need to be great salespeople. The atmosphere and attitude of the restaurant will depend on you, and if you can create a pleasant experience for clients while subtly upselling your employer’s specials, you’ll thrive in this role.

Dining Room & Kitchen Support

Bussers, dishwashers, and other support staff may not spend much time handling food or interacting directly with customers, but they still support the success of the business by showing up in time, working hard, and paying attention to detail. Let your potential employers know that you won’t cut a single corner or leave a single task undone by the time you hang up your apron at the end of your shift.

The Goal of a Cover Letter in the Restaurant Business

As you step into the food service industry, your cover letter will need to fulfill one goal above all others: Landing you an interview. Once you’re called in for thirty minutes of face time with your employer, you’ll be able to make your case and get your foot in the door. But since this business is very competitive, landing an interview may be trickier than it sounds. Turn to LiveCareer for help. The site a cover letter builder that will set you apart from the crowd. 

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