How to Write a Marketing Cover Letter

How to Write a Marketing Cover Letter


In the world of marketing, effective communication is key. When it comes to writing a marketing cover letter, the rules are no different. You’ll want to effectively communicate who you are, why you are qualified, and how you can benefit the company. In effect, you need to prove you can be an effective marketer by successfully marketing yourself. Here's how.

Write a Letter That Sells

The main thing to remember when creating a marketing cover letter is that you're selling, or marketing, yourself. Who are you? What have you done in the past? What makes you an asset to the company? These are all questions you should try to answer when you write your cover letter. In marketing, the goal is to present a product or service in a light that will attract people to purchase or otherwise take part in it. By marketing yourself through your cover letter, casting light on the portions of your personality, history, and skills that make you perfect for the job, you show prospective employers that you know how to market yourself.

No Marketing Experience? Not Necessarily a Problem

When you write a marketing cover letter, you might think that it's essential to have had experience in marketing or sales in the past. While past experience in these areas will certainly help you, many other types of work and life experience can be translated into a marketing position. Knowing how to position that kind of experience is the key to drafting a cover letter that will bring you closer to your dream job.

For instance, customer service positions require you to deal with people, read them, explain things in an understandable manner, and solve a problem. These are all skills that are required for marketing, as well. Administration requires attention to detail, coordination, and organization. Waitstaff and bartenders have to learn what people want, and be able to anticipate people’s needs. All of these skills are necessary for a successful marketer, as well, so highlighting them in your cover letter shows you know what is required for the job, and have what it takes.


Just The Facts


While you certainly want to write your cover letter in a fluid manner, keep it simple. This is not the place to give a lengthy history of the last ten years of your life. Instead, tell your prospective employer who you are, briefly where you've been, what you know, and how all of that puts you in a position to be of value to the company to which you're applying. If you're wondering where to start when it comes to writing your cover letter, try using LiveCareer's Cover Letter Builder tool. Using this tool can help you create a great cover letter that will cast you in the best light, showcase your skills, and help you land the marketing job of your dreams. 



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