Three Things to Include in Your Hospitality Cover Letter

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Regardless of the specific industry or position you have in mind, a great cover letter should always make a few things very clear. Your letter should let employers know that:

  1. You’re a strong, articulate communicator. You know how to state your intentions clearly and back up each point you make with logical, compelling arguments.
  2. You’re personable and smart.
  3. You have the skills and experience necessary to excel in this specific role.

The first two points will require polished language skills and maybe some help from a cover letter builder. But the third will center on specific details you’ll need to support with strong evidence drawn from your professional history. In order to make your case, spend some time addressing each one of the three core skill areas below.

Your Hospitality Cover Letter: Three Important Points

When drafting your hospitality cover letter, keep these three pointers in mind:

1. 100 Percent Guest Satisfaction

Your daily responsibilities in this position may include a hundred small items you’ll need to check off on a to-do list that never officially ends. But if you’re the right candidate for this role, you know that the to-do list isn’t what really matters. What matters is the ultimate goal that underlies each of these little tasks, from changing a light bulb in a guest’s room to straightening out a botched reservation. And that goal is simple: Making sure every guest is satisfied with his or her experience in this establishment. If you know how to stay focused on this goal and how to climb over every obstacle that stands in the way of a positive guest experience, make this clear in your cover letter. Show your level of commitment by briefly describing an incident in your work history in which you went the extra mile to make a guest happy. 

 2. Proactive Customer Service

The guest experience begins the minute any customer or potential customer makes contact with the company or its brand. Every time someone visits the company web page, calls the reservation desk, or hears about the establishment through word of mouth, a relationship between the person and the company begins to take shape. Proactive customer service means taking control of this relationship from the start. If you do everything you can to help customers get what they need—before they even become customers, officially—then you’ll improve your standing in the eyes of potential employers. Use a sentence or two in your cover letter to discuss your proactive customer service philosophy.

3. Problem Resolution Based on Customer Needs

In the hospitality industry, not every problem has a cut-and-dried solution. Sometimes you can’t simply turn to the employee manual and flip through until you find the simple answer you’re looking for. The world of travel and lodging can be unpredictable, and employees who are poised to thrive are those with strong critical thinking skills, flexibility, initiative, and judgment. If your customer has a problem you’ve never encountered before, the first thing you do is open your ears and listen. Then you find a resolution that fits the situation and generates a positive outcome for everyone involved. Use your cover letter to explain how you typically do this. 

Create a Cover Letter That Helps You Shine

Your cover letter should add a positive voice and personality to your list of credentials, so start strong from the first word and make every sentence count. Visit LiveCareer for general editing tips, and use the cover letter builder to make sure both your letter and your resume are organized according to professional business standards. 

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