How to Write a Hospitality Cover Letter

How to Write a Hospitality Cover Letter


With travel and tourism as popular as ever, there are fantastic opportunities out there for a variety of professionals in the hospitality industry Hotels, resorts, restaurants and other hospitality businesses offer great jobs with excellent perks--often in scenic locales. But to win the job, you’ll need a winning hospitality cover letter. We’ve compiled some handy tips on how to write yours.

Get Personal.

Cover letters allow employers to get to know applicants much better. Introduce yourself, mention the job title you’re applying for, and explain why you want to work at the particular hotel, resort, etc. that you are applying for. Show your passion for the position, but keep it brief: your letter really shouldn’t be much longer than half a page total.

Be Convincing.

Convince the employers why you’re the best fit for the job. Experience in the hospitality industry always makes a strong statement in a cover letter. Housekeepers, waiters, maintenance staff, bus boys, front desk clerks, concierge and porters should specifically mention all of their relevant experience working in the hospitality industry when creating a cover letter.

Be Passionate.

If you’ve got less experience, make up for it with smarts and passion. Showing that you have local knowledge of the city/area you want to work in is especially key for the hospitality industry. Express your enthusiasm for travel and tourism, and convey your personality and customer service skills: it’s a very customer focused industry.

Show off Your Knowledge.

Busy hotels and resorts are always looking for knowledgeable workers that can offer tips and advice for the guests. A person that has lived a lifetime in popular tourist destinations should make note of that. Customer service experience in any field is always very useful for hotel jobs. A customer service agent in an office can make a smooth transition to a hotel front desk position or assistant manager.

A proper cover letter should convince a hiring manager that the applicant is qualified for a particular hospitality job. Mastering the process of how to write a hospitality cover letter can be made easy by using LiveCareer's Cover Letter Builder. Online tools and templates can help individuals insert the right information in the proper context for hospitality applications.

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