How to Write an Education Cover Letter

How to Write an Education Cover Letter

Educators need to include information in their cover letters that most other job hunters can leave out. One of the important things to remember about an education cover letter is that the personal educational background of the educator is an important part of the entire resume package. Along with a good cover letter, an educator will also want to include their educational transcripts from their undergraduate and graduate years. It's an important part of the entire educational job selection process.

Start With A Strong Introduction


Your introduction paragraph can also include a sentence about any pertinent experience you have that makes you the ideal candidate for the job. For example, if you're applying for a sixth grade teaching position, then mention that you have experience teaching sixth grade students from your past teaching positions. It helps to grab the attention of the administrator who's reading your letter.

Mention Your Current Job


If you're currently working at a job that’s related to one you’re applying for, then mention that job in the second paragraph. For example, if you're applying to be an English teacher at a high school, then you'll want to let the administrator know that you are currently teaching English as a second language for a local community college.I f your current position is not a direct teaching job, then you may want to spin it so that it applies to the job you're applying for. A corporate trainer who wants to become a high school teacher can mention her corporate training job to enhance her cover letter.

Reach Back To Where It All Started


Your third paragraph should talk about what drove you to get into education in the first place. For example, you could mention that your involvement in your college newspaper drove you to study English. From there, you developed an interest in teaching, and sharing your knowledge with others.


End by Asking to Meet


At this point in your cover letter, the administrator has decided whether or not he's interested in meeting you. That is why you should thank the administrator for his time and invite him to contact you for a personal meeting. Keep the last paragraph of your educational cover letter short and to the point. If he's interested, then he'll call you.



The LiveCareer website has the resources you need to craft a great educational cover letter. The cover letter builder and the cover letter examples make great resources for educational professionals who are looking to make a strong impression on a school administrator.


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