How to Write a Teacher Cover Letter

How to Write a Teacher Cover Letter

If you're an educator, you know it can be hard to get a job, keep it, and get the respect you deserve. If you're just starting out, changing jobs, or inquiring about a different position, you'll need the best teacher cover letter you can write to get and keep the attention of educator hiring managers so you can get an interview and make sure to get the job. Here are a few ways to spruce up your teacher cover letter and get the hiring committee to pay attention to your credentials and qualifications.


Be Specific

Don't just mention that you're applying to "the teaching position you advertised." This shows that you're not paying attention to each position that you're applying to. Being specific shows that you are interested enough in each job that you apply to that you read the job title, and presumably, the rest of the job description well enough to decide that you would be a good fit.

Explain Why You’re Interested

It's one thing to apply for a job--presumably you want a job so you can pay the bills and further your career. However, you should write in your teacher cover letter why you're interested in the particular job the school has to offer. Did it spark your interest because it seems challenging and interesting enough to sink your teeth into? Are you interested because it lines up perfectly with your ethics and your educational background? Tell them why you want the position, and be specific.


Expand on Your Resume

Your resume is a dry, broken-down version of your qualifications. If you list your history and competencies in your resume, in your teacher cover letter you should write why those competencies line up with the duties and goals of the job being offered. Your cover letter is more than just an introduction and an opportunity to brag. It's also a chance to explain why you're the best candidate for the job.


Mention Awards

Your resume should contain a list of relevant awards, and because teaching is one of those professions that tends to have a lot of superlative people, there's a good chance you've won one or more of them. Be sure to list them on your resume, but go into a little more detail about them on your teacher cover letter. Don't just say that you won an award--mention what you did to earn it.


Discuss Areas of Interest

If childhood literacy is your pet project, make sure to mention it if it lines up with the goals of the job description. If you take a particular interest in helping low-income children get into college, that's a good thing to mention if you're applying to teach in high school. Take your favorite goals and mold them into a reason why you'd be perfect for this job. That way, the school district and you both win--you get the job, and they get an excellent teacher.


Teaching is often considered a thankless job, and no doubt, even the highest-paid teachers in the most affluent districts have a difficult job. However, most teachers find the work itself very rewarding. You're shaping young minds, and you deserve the best fit in your job search. That's why writing the best teacher cover letter possible can help you land the interview and get the best job for your teaching skills. You can use these tips here as well as check out LiveCareer's Cover Letter Builder for more help in drafting the best cover letter possible.





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