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As a customer service pro, you possess valuable, concrete skills that you bring to your workplace interactions every single day. Every employee in every job may sometimes engage with potential clients or solve customer problems, and for almost every position in the world, these skills can serve as an asset and should have a prominent place in a resume. But for you, these aren’t just “soft skills” or “pluses.” These are the hard skills that translate directly into growth, success, and cold hard cash for your employers (and for you).

So make sure your job application emphasizes these skills and sets you apart in a fast-moving and highly competitive field. Keep these cover letter tips in mind.

1. Treat your employers the way you treat customers (or better).

When you deal with a customer, do you boss the person around, talk over them, and tell them what to do before listening to make sure you understand their problem? No. So don’t do that with your potential employers either. Before sit down to draft your cover letter, research the company and learn as much as you can about their 1) mission, 2) culture, and 3) goals. Understand who you’re talking to and what this person/organization needs before you speak.

2. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. 

Now that you understand this company’s needs and problems, put yourself in your reader’s shoes. What kinds of details and keywords will your readers scan for as they go through dozens of similar resumes? What kinds of facts and claims will best generate a sense of reassurance and trust?

3. Attach a company need to each skill you describe.

You’re hard working. You’re experienced. You’re educated and trained. You’re smart. But how will each of these things solve a specific company problem or meet a specific need? Partner each skill with an identified (or assumed) need.

4. Attach a number to each claim.

If you really are smart, hardworking, educated, a natural leader, a seasoned pro, etc., then find a way to quantify each of these facts. Put numbers on your accomplishments. Think in terms of timelines, dollar figures, revenue raised, and completed calls per year or per hour. How many problems have you resolved? How large was the team you led? How many product lines have you handled? Numbers make your claims easier to visualize and remember, and they also make your expertise easy to compare with industry averages.   

5. Monitor your tone.

Keep the tone, voice, and rhythm of your letter aligned with what your managers want their customers to hear. In other words, if your tone is wooden and dull, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, fun, serious, wise, youthful, confident, etc., your managers will assume this is the tone you use with customers. Does this tone match the mission and product of this organization? 

Your Cover Letter: Branding Matters

Branding and tone are important, and as a customer service pro, nobody understands this better than you. You live this truth every day, and your cover letter should show it. Visit LiveCareer for tools that can help you leave your mark. And let your employers know that you intend to do the same for their company. 

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