How to Write a Customer Service Cover Letter

How to Write a Customer Service Cover Letter

If you're trying to get a job in customer service, it's important to write a memorable cover letter. Chances are, an employer is going to receive cover letters written by dozens (or hundreds!) of people pursuing an open position in the customer service department. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to make your qualifications stand out!


Get Right to the Point.

The hiring manager of a successful company is very busy. It's likely that when an applicant's cover letter arrives, the hiring manager will scan the letter in search of the most pertinent information. This means that you have to write a customer service cover letter that succinctly highlights your qualifications. The goal is that with a quick glance, the hiring manager will come away with a favorable impression of all you have to offer the company. 

Focus on Your Most Marketable Skills.

Put yourself in the place of the hiring manager. What would he or she be looking for in the best candidate? If you have several years of experience in the field of customer service, then highlight that. Be sure to mention any skills or experience that you have which was specifically mentioned by the employer in their job ad. And be sure to express enthusiasm and passion for the position. As the writer of your own customer service cover letter, you must paint yourself as the ideal candidate for the job! 

Don’t Be Boring.

A hiring manager who has worked at a company for any length of time can spot a generic customer service cover letter a mile away. That's why it's important that you tailor each letter you write for that specific company. Find out the name of the hiring manager instead of using a generic 'sir' or 'madam' in the greeting. A hiring manager who sees his or her name is more likely to pay attention to the letter and not disregard it as one of a dozen identical letters sent out by an applicant. Mention the name of the business, and explain why you want to work there: hiring managers want to know who you are and what you have to offer! 

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread.

You could be someone with impeccable qualifications and a large amount of experience in the field. However, if your customer service cover letter contains spelling or grammar mistakes, it may cause a hiring manager to disregard your fabulous qualifications. Grammar and spelling mistakes in a customer service cover letter are signs that the applicant is careless and sloppy. Those are two adjectives that no job applicant wants to leave in the mind of a hiring manager! 

Finally, if you'd like some assistance when you write your customer service cover letter, you may want to look at our Cover Letter Builder. You can find some sample phrases specific to customer service that are sure to grab the attention of any hiring manager. Let us help you write a unique customer service cover letter that places you in the best possible light! 

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