How to Write an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

How to Write an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

A great cover letter can set you apart from the mass of other applicants out there, and help move your application to the top of the “to interview” pile. When writing a cover letter for an administrative position, it is important that you include information that will impress employers and get you noticed. Here are some tips for how to write an administrative cover letter so you can find a job that you’ll love.


Grab Their Attention

When you open your cover letter, be sure to do so by highlighting why you’re the best person for the job. You want to be able to grab the companies attention right off the bat, without having to make them search for what it is you offer. By putting your experience at the front of the cover letter, you will be able to hook them in and they’ll keep that information in the back of their mind as they go through the rest of the letter.


Show How You Can Help

Be sure that when you write an administrative cover letter that you highlight the specific skills in your background that can help the company succeed. The more specifics in your background that you can bring to the fore, the better. Focus on past administrative experience in similar positions, and be sure to express your passion and enthusiasm for this job–give them a reason to want to talk to you ahead of the other applicants! 


Make It Easy For Them To Contact You

Okay, great. So you’ve got a fantastic cover letter with a compelling call to action. You’ve outlined your background and explained how your skill set fits the needs of the company perfectly. But you’ve either neglected to include your contact information, or buried it somewhere in the body of your letter. Don’t make this mistake. Make it as simple as possible for employers to get in touch you. If they have to look too hard, they may get distracted and end up focusing on a different cover letter.


Thank Them for Their Time

Hiring managers are busy people. Often, they’ve got hundreds of resumes and cover letters to sort through every day. The best way you can end your cover letter is by thanking them for taking the time to read it. This sign of appreciation and courtesy may go a long way in impressing a hiring manager, and could make the difference when it comes to deciding who gets called for the interview.


Keep it Simple

Be sure that you keep your cover letter simple. Give the company you’re apply to a reason to want to meet you. Then, wrap things up without taking up too much of their valuable time. For more help writing and constructing your cover letter, LiveCareer’sCover Letter Builderis an invaluable resource that makes it easy to create an administrative cover letter that employers will actually want to read.



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